Abbie Gale

Abbie Gale

Indie / Pop / Rock

Patra, Greece


Abbie Gale were born in the summer of 2003 in Patra. Their paths had met before in several groups either as members of the groups (Stargazer, Serpentine) or as live crew (Raining Pleasure), something that led to them working their own compositions as well as creating their own personal sound.
Soon came an interest of a newborn record company of Patra, Vacant records, which led to the recording of their first LP album Family Life and was released in the summer of 2005 receiving great reviews (Sonik, Avopolis, Tranzistor, Athens Voice, Mic, Rock&Roll;). Gratsiela Kanelou’s documentary The Approaching Of The Hour staring Raining Pleasure and the Greek bands that play music with English lyrics, featured a video from Abbie Gale’s recording sessions. Abbie Gale’s interviews were published in music magazines (Image, Happy, Monopoly) and on the Internet (Avopolis).

After the releasing of Family Life, a number of gigs were made all over Greece. The most important of them were the supports to: American artist Laura Veirs at Smallmusictheatre(Athens), the Swedish Unisex at Rec (Patra),the Greek Raining Pleasure at Park of Peace(University of Patra) and two gigs with the Greek band Film in B-Live(Larissa) and cafe Stathmos(Ioannina).

Abbie Gale are:

Evira (vocals+baritone guitar+keyboards)
Salvatore (guitar+baritone guitar)
Pedal (guitar+baritone guitar+keyboards)
Achilles (drums+loops)

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