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Many say she’s got the voice of an angel, her music is unique and relaxing and means soul food to them… She is called Adrienn Antal.
The artist name AdryA comes from her nickname Adry to which she has added the initial of her second name, a capital A.

As a child she realized music was her language and way of phrasing. Her excellent ear for music, clean voice and musicality were already noticed in her early nursery school years.

She’s been impressed by many musical styles, but mostly by AOR, progressive rock, synth-pop and alternative music. Her main influences are: Depeche Mode, U2, Nine Inch Nails, Europe, Asia, Glenn Hughes, Yes, and a well known hungarian singer/songwriter/poet called Ákos.

During the school years she learnt to play the piano and took solfeggio lessons. Besides practising and playing classical works, she began to use her fantasy and write her own compositions.

With the help of her sythesizer, later she headed towards light music, especially soft rock. At the age of high school student, she created more and more complex songs. She started to sing regularly at this time.

After finishing high school, she began to found bands or joined other projects as a singer or a keyboard-player/vocalist. But she didn’t have the chance to perform her songs with any of them so after a time she decided to walk her own path.

In the meantime, she could regularly be seen as a guest singer on the stage of two well known hungarian rock bands called Tunyogi Rock Band and P.Mobil, which was a great pleasure for her.

In 2003 she felt the time had come to create something to creep out with. She decided to record a demo on her own with the help of her instrument and computer. The songs were written, scored and mixed by her and she put on all the vocals and instrumental themes except guitars. She asked her good friend János Závodi (Janó) – who used to be the guitarist of Hungary’s most famous rockband (Piramis) in the late 70’s / early 80’s – to play on the record. The demo got the title On the Waves and contains three tracks.

AdryA found her own style: a strange mix of rock, pop and alternative music often spiced with eastern melodies.

There are 2 materials available at the moment. One of them is the mentioned On the Waves. The new stuff called Nature’s Answer (2005) consists of more mature and more modern songs than the previous collection and gives a panoramic view of AdryA’s musical world and conception.

AdryA is looking for a label at the moment to release her debut CD.

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