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Cody Johnson calls Trent Willmon his brother, but is he the biological one?

The American country singer Cody Johnson was a prison guard just like his father before entering the country music industry.

Not only in socials, but Cody Johnson often mentions Trent Willmon as his brother here and there in his interviews, and Trent does likewise. However, they are brothers from different mothers who met around 2010 as work buddies.

Since then, the duo has worked together while making waves in the country music industry.

In 2023, when Trent Willmon’s single Southern Land came out, Cody Johnson took to his socials to promote it.

He wrote, “COJONation! My brother & long time producer Trent Willmon has a new single out today. Y’all go give #SouthernLand a listen. #wrangler”

Meanwhile, it appears the singer Cody Johnson has a biological brother, but who he is remains a mystery, as no information is available about him.

Key Takeaways

  • Cody Johnson has a biological brother, but his identity remains entirely a mystery.
  • The country artist considers his music producer, Trent Willmon, his big brother, who has helped him achieve greater success in the country music industry.

Clearing the confusion: Carter is the brother of a footballer, Cody, not of country singer Cody Johnson!

Some online outlets suggest Carter Johnson is the brother of singer Cody Johnson, but this is not true. Instead, it seems Carter is the brother of football player Cody Johnson.

Due to the same name, many people confuse the football player’s brother with the country singer’s brother.

Meanwhile, other outlets suggest Casey or Cade as the musician’s siblings, but they also lack any valid evidence to support their claims.

The singer’s official website mentioned, “So, my brother and I got everything we wanted for Christmas.” But he did not say who his brother was.

In addition, the Johnson family portraits include just six individuals: Cody, his parents, Sheila and Carl, his wife, Brandi, and his two daughters. So, we do not know who Cody Johnson’s actual brother is.

Regardless, the country musician Cody frequently refers to his work producer, Trent Willmon, as his big brother.

In an interview with Nashville Voyager, Trent said,

I was done with Nashville. But then I got custody of my daughter and met Cody Johnson.

And the rest is history! Trent Willmon actively writes and produces albums with Cody Johnson. The song, Til You Can’t, won Best Country Song at the Grammy’s 2023, and Trent won the CMA award as a producer.

On August 11, 2023, the duo produced a chartbuster single, The Painter. The song quickly climbed the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Recently, Cody Johnson dropped his ninth studio album, Leathers, with Trent Willmon as his producer.

The country singer also often takes to his socials to show his brotherhood with Trent Willmon. He once posted a picture of him riding a horse with Trent Willmon, saying, “I never take for granted the time I get to spend goin’ out for a ride.”

So, it is evident their professional relationship has evolved and has turned into a strong brotherhood.


What is Cody Johnson’s mom’s name?

Cody Johnson was born to his mother, Sheila Johnson, and father, Carl Johnson.

Are Cody Johnson’s kids homeschooled?

Yes! According to Cody Johnson’s official website, his kids are homeschooled, and he says, “They aren’t very concerned with what other kids have.”

Is Cody Johnson’s wife in the video The Painter?

Cody Johnson’s wife, Brandi, is in the music video The Painter, which explores their romantic love life from the beginning.

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