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Singer Emmy Russell’s faith in Christianity led her to be a missionary, but how long?

American Idol contestant Emmy Russell revealed that her grandmother Loretta Lynn always advised her to 'believe in god.'

Growing up following Christianity, American Idol contestant Emmy Russell developed a strong faith in the Christian religion, eventually leading her to travel the world as a missionary.

As reported by The Tennessean, Emmy invested some years of her early 20s serving as a Christian Missionary.

At age 24, she auditioned for American Idol, and now, she is fully paving her path to the music industry. But that doesn’t mean she has forgotten her religious background.

With her rising celebrity status, Emmy Russell appears equally vocal about her faith in religion and her late grandmother Loretta Lynn’s belief in God.

She occasionally talks about God during media interactions or through social media handles.

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Emmy Russell said her grandmother Loretta Lynn always advised her to ‘love god!’

After the American Idol audition, Emmy Russell, the granddaughter of influential country music singer Loretta Lynn, appeared at the CMT Music Awards.

While having a media interaction on the red carpet, Emmy opened up about what her late grandma advised her and said, “The most advice that she has given me throughout the years was to love God.”

She added, “She was such a lover of God, and I think it was more of, Listen to him and follow his voice.”

The glimpse of Loretta Lynn’s religiosity was already displayed before when she was alive.

Before passing in October 2022, she shared a video on her Instagram on easter day with the caption, “When I think about Easter, I think about the incredible beauty of real love.”

She further added, “Love that gives when it doesn’t have to. Love that gives even when it doesn’t receive. It’s what Christ did for us. I think of hope, redemption, and forgiveness. There aren’t words to share how thankful I am for all God has done for me.”

Emmy Russell considers the holy book, the Bible, full of wisdom

On July 6, 2018, Emmy Russell posted a lengthy post on her Instagram valorizing the Bible. She wrote that ever since she returned from ‘ywam,’ everything has become difficult, but just opening the Bible has helped her much.

In this regard, she wrote, “I think since being back from ywam, life has been so hard. But I opened up myBiblee and am talking about everything to God.. the Biblee, it’s so full of wisdom. And it’s almost like everything around me just disappears…”

Emmy added, “God’s teaching me right now, steadfastness in faith, walking in spirit. Sometimes, I’m more then thankful for my lows because that’s when prayer gets real…..”

Emmy Russell ended the lengthy post with a statement, “I can’t contain the amount of peace and joy I feel after reading!! I WANT YOU TOO ALL FEEL THIS! So try it :),” clearly depicts her deep trust towards Jesus and the Christian religion.

Additional Information

  • Emmy Russell’s mother, Patsy Lynn, is the daughter of the famous country music singer and songwriter Loretta Lynn.
  • Emmy Russell auditioned for American Idol, singing her original song, ‘Skinny.’
  • Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter, Emmy, is currently 25 years old.
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