The musician Tusks will promote her latest third album, Gold, and perform live in various places in London.

The lady face in the album cover
Tusks' new album is all set to release on April 12, 2024.


Gold is the newly released album by the English songwriter and musician Tusks via One Little Independent Records. The album comprises 10 singles that evoke contrasting human experiences.

Tusks' album Gold cover

Release Date: April 12, 2024

Duration: 41 minutes



Track Listing

Here are the 10 tracks in the album Gold by Tusks.


Here are the credits for the album Gold by Tusks.

EngineeringTom Andrews
Additional EngineeringSanjeev Sajan, Danny Trachtenberg, Tusks
ProductionTom Andrews, Tusks
MixingTom Andrews
Additional MixingMatt Wiggins
MasteringHeba Kadry

Discography Timeline

Here is the entire discography timeline of Tusks, aka Emily Underhill, from London.

DateProjectRecord Label
February 2012Snow EPSelf-released as Emily Underhill
February 2014Ink EPIndependent
October 2016False EPOne Little Independent; Three songs included in “Dissolve”
October 27, 2017DissolveOne Little Independent
August 30, 2019AvalancheOne Little Independent
April 2, 2021ChangeOne Little Independent
April 2024GoldOne Little Independent

Other Songs From The Artist

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gold-tusksEnglish singer and electronic musician Tusks, aka Emily Underhill, is completely ready to enthrall the audience with her new album, Gold, comprising 10 different singles that beautifully evoke the human emotions, complexities in their relationship and all the nuances in between. As stated by the artist herself, Gold is highly inspired by contrasting human experiences such as going through breakup and again falling in love, persistently surrounded by people and suddenly being alone and free. Among ten tracks, 'Body Ache' perfectly squeeze out one's feeling who tend to analyzes over the minute eccentricity and decision-making after falling in love. Further, Tusks' soothing voice in the single deeply resonate in human soul. Likewise, the next single 'Adore' depicts the confusion that a person goes through while losing their heart to somebody contemplating whether it's good idea or not. All in all, Tusks' fourth album, Gold, is layered the dynamics of human emotion that contains vulnerabilities and also thought-provoking lyrics embedded in a beautiful vocal harmonies. So, be ready to listen something that take yo to the another zone.


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