Kelly Jocelyn

Kelly Jocelyn

R&B; / Latin / Soul

Gelderland, Netherlands

Official website

My name is Kelly Jocelyn and ever since I was born I’d love to sing, act and dance I just love music! Music, acting and dancing has always been a big part of my life. My grandfather was a singer and we were always singing when we would visit him or when he would come to my house. I remember when I was younger and we would visit my grandparents there was always music. When I turned 3 years old my grandparents bought me a karaoke machine and I couldn’t get enough of it! Since then I took it everywhere with me but I loved it! Music is my life and it’s really a part of me I will never stop singing.
When I was 14 years old I joined a talent agency and with them I did a lot of talent shows and guest appearances.

After a lot of guest appearances and recording my demo’s I started with amusical workshop and an acting workshop two years ago. Recently I added another amazing musical workshop to my resume musical highlights. I also entered a six week musical workshop from Joost de Jong (Saturday night fever) and DJ Janssen (Grease).

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