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Common Asian ethnicity brought Knock2 and ISOxo together!

The duo Knock2 and ISOxo are making tsunami in EDM industry with back to back sold out shows.

The musical artist Knock2, famous for his energetic dance sets, comes from a mixed ethnicity as he is a mix of American and Asian.

Although the San Diego native Knock2 has not publicly spoken about his ethnicity, he mentioned he is Asian.

Besides that, the promising American producer, DJ Knock2, has remained tight-lipped about his parents.

As Knock2’s real name is Richard Nakhonethap, many deduced his ethnicity or ethnic roots might lie in Thailand or Laos.

Key Takeaways

  • The electronic music producer and DJ, Knock2, is of mixed ethnicity as he is Asian-American.
  • Although Knock2 has not said anything about it, as per his surname, many deduced he is Laotian.

Here is the list of tracks from the artist Knock2 that you might like to hear!

San Diego native with Thai roots, Knock2 Ethnicity

Apart from the fact that Knock2 is Asian, there is nothing to point out his ethnicity. However, when netizens learned about his real name, they quickly speculated that he might be from Thailand or Laos.

One fan posted an old high school magazine article in the Trap subreddit. It revealed that Knock2 went to Rancho Bernardo High School.

In the post, another added that he is from Laos, as they have names that are pretty similar to Thai people. Moreover, some of the online outlets also suggest he has Laotian heritage.

So, it appears the up-and-coming electronic music producer, Knock2, is an American-Asian.

Regardless, the Gettin’ Hott American DJ says it was the Asian heritage that brought him and ISOxo close.

In an interview with The Alternative magazine, Knock2 talked about his first encounter with ISOxo. He said, “But this was a friend that I met at a random event. We’re also both Asian. In a sense, Asians are just like, yo, I want to see another Asian win.”

This past weekend, Knock2 and ISOxo performed at the Coachella with their top-notch crowd-pleasing sets.


What type of EDM is Knock2?

The EDM style of Knock2 ranges from bass house to contemporary trap.

What kind of artist is Knock2?

Knock2 is popular for his ‘Midas touch’ in dance music, and many consider him a bass house artist.

How did Knock2 and ISOxo meet?

Knock2 and ISOxo met each other at the San Diego County Fair in 2015.

How did Knock2 get so popular?

The major breakthrough for Knock2 came when he collaborated with Cheyenne Giles and dropped a remix of the track, Losing It.

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