Loko Phylum

Loko Phylum

Alternative / Hardcore

Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania

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Loko Phylum formed in 2000 in a suburb just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. They have toured many of the nation’s largest cities and have built up an impressive base of loyal fans and are currently producing impressive statistics on the Myspace.com community acquiring over 32,000 eager fans from around the globe.

Loko Phylum just released their debut album “sex sells : sex kills” in June of 2005 and the response that they are receiving from their national fan base is overwhelming. Loko Phylum’s “sex sells : sex kills” is filled with everything from soothing guitar melodies to movements of enraged havoc and riddled with unforgettable vocal hooks, while retaining a prominent rock/hardcore foundation. The album is now available online through smartpunk.com and will soon be distributed nation wide.

Loko Phylum has shared the stage with such national acts as The Used, My Chemical Romance, Underoath, Family Force 5, Bleed the Dream, A Static Lullaby, Senses Fail, Zao, The Kottonmouth Kings, Adema, Zebrahead, Killswitch Engage, Saosin, E Town Concrete and were fortunate enough to perform on the Taste of Chaos Tour in 2005. The song “27 Kisses” is receiving air time on a number of radio stations.

Loko Phylum toured the east and south coasts for 2 months in Jan-Feb of 2006 and will be touring throughout the Northeast in Spring of 2006. Fueled by emotion and a drive to entertain, this collaboration of talent carves its own path into a world in dyer need of something fresh and exhilarating.

Loko Phylum is now looking for substantial distribution, marketing, and label support.

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