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Limited net worth of father Michael Krassenberg inspired American Idol Ziggy Krassenberg to work hard!

Taking his father's struggles as inspiration, Ziggy now lives a luxe, fancy lifestyle in the Netherlands.

Born in a European country, the Netherlands, American Idol contestant Ziggy Krassenberg’s father, Michael Krassenberg, had a very ordinary life with a limited net worth.

The monthly salary and net worth of Michael Krassenberg were not enough to provide a good life and education to his son Ziggy Krassenberg, as he used to hold less than the average Netherlands household income, which is estimated at €87300 ($94139.52), as per the Central Bureau Statistics Netherlands.

Being born to a family where the father could not even afford a good living and the mother, Sas Jansen was a drug addict, Ziggy Krassenberg learned to struggle in life at an early age as he stated on the American Idol stage, “I raised Myself.”

Further, the 22-year-old singer and internet personality also claims that he had a tough relationship with his father, so whatever he earned in his life was through his own struggles.

However, after recently losing his father, Michael Krassenberg, Ziggy Krassenberg realizes that he needs to work harder to succeed so he can earn a handsome net worth to live a good life.

Key Takeaways

  • Michael Krassenberg is the father of famous Netherland singer Ziggy Krassenberg
  • Due to his father’s low financial status, Ziggy had to struggle from an early age
  • In 2024, Ziggy Krassenberg’s net worth is $2.5 million, which he accumulated through his singing career, YouTube, and social media sites.

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Michael Krassenberg’s son Ziggy Krassenberg holds $2.5 million net worth in 2024

Despite his struggles in early life, Ziggy Krassenberg never let his dream die.

Now, he is one of the rising stars in the American musical industry, with a net worth of around $2.5 million in 2024, which he earned all by himself.

European singer and songwriter Ziggy Krassenberg lives a fancy lifestyle in the Netherlands and earns a good amount of money through his music career.

Further, as a renowned internet personality, he also receives money from social media sites, including Instagram (53.3K followers), Facebook (1000 followers), TikTok (341.1K followers), and YouTube (16.8K subscribers).

Ziggy Krassenberg opened his YouTube channel in 2012, and he has 37 videos to date, each of which has received thousands or millions of views.

According to a YouTube video, Ziggy Krassenberg’s monthly income is estimated to be between $20 and $30k.

Further, he recently released a song titled Sugar in 2024, which is available on his YouTube channel. He is earning quite a lot of money through his newly released song.

The Good Luck Guys Season 1 Winner, Ziggy Krassenberg, has been active in the music industry since 2015 but became famous after his audition on the 22 American Idol stage.


Who are Ziggy Krassenberg parents?

Ziggy Krassenberg was born to European parents father, Michael Krassenberg, who passed away in 2023, and Sas Jansen, who was a drug addict.

How old is Ziggy Krassenberg’s father, Michael Krassenberg’s father?

Due to his unpopularity, Michael Krassenberg’s birth date is unavailable on the Internet.

Who is Ziggy Krassenberg’s partner?

Ziggy Krassenberg’s relationship status remains a mystery. However, there was previously a rumor that he was dating Sylvius Roeles, a cyclist from Nederland.

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