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Obscure Descension

Obscure Descension

Industrial / Electronica / Gothic

SAN DIEGO, California

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Deficient in light; dark.

The act of going downward; descent; falling or sinking; declension; degradation.

Obscure Descension

A downward spiral into darkness.

October 31st, 2002… A Halloween party rages on in a small club in San Diego, CA… Starting off an awesome powernoise set, the DJ takes a chance and begins to spin a track given to him by a local San Diego artist called Obscure Descension… the lead-in floods the dance floor… rising to the angry crunch of distorted synths and hardcore kicks… the suspense rises as the track begins to pump throughout the club… “You Kill Me” is a hit! Obscure Descension is born. This is the story of the music, and the man behind it.

Obscure Descension is a solo project flowing from the imagination of the evil genius known as Adam. Fueled by anger, depression, and the insanity that is everyday life, OD has taken shape as a creative and unique mutation of Trance, Industrial, and EBM, walking the line between light, and the darkness. The music is a reflection of Adam’s state of mind. Cold, dark vocals, suspenseful fluid melodies, and the angry crunch of distortion come together to form a soundtrack for self-destruction.

Adam came into this world on August, Friday 13th, 1982 and has been creating music since 1996. Adam has been involved in various electronica/experimental projects over the years. These projects include: Flesh Eating Raw Power Gnomes, Geisha Rebellion, and Darkness Binds, as well as producing numerous trance and experimental tracks under the solo project, Dj. MindGame. After working with band members and collaborating with others, Adam went solo once again, resulting in his newest project, Obscure Descension. Adam’s talent has been featured on various music websites such as LocalMusic.com, MP3.com, AudioStreet.net, and MySpace Music. Adam’s wife, Jennifer, is very involved and supportive of Adam’s various projects.

“Darkness Binds” is the debut full-length album from Obscure Descension. OD’s unique style has been influenced by a wide variety of bands and artists across several genres. From the psychedelic synth-laden soundscapes of Pink Floyd, the poetic darkness of the doors, to the fluid melodies of faithless, and the angry violent crunch of Combichrist, Adam has sculpted a sound all his own, known as Obscure Descension.

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