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Raye says, “Music is in all our genes,” as her sister, Abby Lynn, starts producing hit songs as her

The Keen sisters Raye, Abby and Lauren's are taking over in the music industry by producing hit songs.

The Keen family is rocking in the music industry as Raye and her sister, Abby Lynn, have released back-to-back hit songs and won various awards.

Recently, Abby Lynn’s older sister Raye was nominated for seven different awards at the 2024 British Awards, which include Best New Artist, Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year (twice), Pop Act, and R & B Act

On the other hand, Abby Lynn, who is most famous by her stage name, Absolutely, works with her famous sister, Raye, helping and learning from her.

Similarly, Brits Billion Award winner artist Raye shared that her other sister, Lauren Keen, is also a singer and songwriter famous for her 2002 released song Till You Hate Me.

All three sisters are very supportive, as they often share posts promoting each other’s songs on their social media sites. Furthermore, they also attend music and awards shows together.

They also have a younger sister named Katelyn Keen, who is 12 years old. She is also as talented as her other sisters, Abby, Raye, and Lauren, and often participates in the ballet dance.

When an F Word magazine interviewer asks Raye how all sisters in her family came out to become singers, Raye replies, “Music is in all our genes.”

Key Takeaways

  • British singer Raye has three sisters, two of whom, Abby and Lauren, are also musicians.
  • Her youngest sister, Katelyn, is into ballet, and they often post her performance videos on social media sites.
  • The keen sister’s father, Paul, is passionate about music and moved to London to join a band, which didn’t work out.

Listen to Raye’s most famous songs here:

Keen sisters Raye, Abby, and Lauren’s interest in music rose due to her father, who had a passion for singing

When the head of the family member is into singing, there is a chance their children will grow up to have the same passion.

Similalry, in the Keen family, Raye’s father, Paul Keen, was passionate about singing and used to play piano all the time, which inspired Raye to learn instruments.

In the F-Word Interview, Rachel Agatha Keen, aka Raye, shares how her father, Paul, moved to London to pursue a music career. She said, “My Dad plays piano and used to write music. He actually moved down to London when he was younger to be in a band, and it didn’t work out.”

Further, after her father could not achieve much success in the music industry, he decided to pass it on to their daughter. Raye said, “He told me from 1 year old, he would play the piano in front of me, and I would push his hands out of the way and try and play. I fell in love. I play piano; I played cello, flute, guitar, and bass.”

Further, Raye also shares that her father used to take them to church often, where she used to sing the Gospel along with her sister Abby.

At the family function, the whole family would sit together, and the keen sister would play the piano and sing songs.

By signing and performing in the church often, they improved their singing skills, which helped them become great singers; as Raye said, “The best singers of all time come from the church.”

Now, all three Keen sisters are rising in the music industry, where their father, Paul, manages their performance, promoting songs as a manager.


Who are Raye’s parents?

Raye’s mother, Sarah, works in the National Health Service, while her father, Paul, a singer and songwriter, works as his daughter’s manager.

What is Raye doing now?

Raye is busy creating new music, performing, and attending events as her songs are nominated for various awards.

Who is Raye Keen dating now?

Raye Keen is currently single. However, as per some sources, she previously dated Canadian rapper and singer Drake in early 2018.

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