Death Metal

Padova, Italy


ALGOL is a melody-oriented deathmetal band, tapping in their early days from sources as DARK TRANQUILLITY, ARCH ENEMY, AMON AMARTH, IN FLAMES and AT THE GATES, and playing their music since 2000. From the time of ALGOL foundation, 2004 marks a change of course, having reached a stable lineup (due to the entrance of MATLESS from the deathmetal band Trifixion) and showcasing several own songs plus some covers to play at venues. Four of the songs went into the creation of the “THROUGH TIME AND SPACE” DEMO. Actually, due to the fact that we needed some promo material for our dates, and needed it fast, we mostly recorded live, and then overdubbed where needed in Matless small personal studio. The songs were possibly musically interesting, but the recording quality was lacking.

Time went by, Matless studio quality grew better and better, and so was ALGOL songwriting and style. As soon as we had four new songs we began to record the “THE WISDOM LOST”, and the result is much more appealing to the ear, musically and quality wise!!!! We now showcase a still evolving but quite personal style, very riff-oriented with lots of tempo changes, a particular attention to seamless passages from one riff to another, and the tendency to put here and there some traditional old style riffing. During the recording of “THE WISDOM LOST”, we put together other new material, and now three more songs are ready for rehersal, in the style of our most recent production (WISDOM LOST, ASHES BLOWN AWAY).

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