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Pete Wentz’s parents, Dale and Pete Wentz II met while working for Joe Biden in the 70s!

Do you know Pete Wentz is 50 percent Afro-Jamaican from his mother's side?

Following Biden’s victory in the 2021 US presidential election, singer Pete Wentz took to Instagram and revealed that his parents, Dale and Pete Wentz II, met while working for Joe Biden in the Senate in the ’70s.

The social post, as well as the TikTok video, went viral online, and many thanked President Joe who became cupid for his parents.

Moreover, it was not the first time Pete’s parents caught public attention. They were also in the spotlight for hosting a fundraiser in 2008 for presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

Here is the list of popular tracks from the Fall Out Boy band, where Pete Wentz is a bassist you might like to tune in to!

Pete Wentz’s father is an attorney, while his mother is an admissions counselor!

The American musician Pete Wentz was born on June 5, 1979, to his parents, Dale and Pete Wentz II. They are the Wilmette natives, a North Shore Chicago suburb.

Pete Wentz II is of English and German descent, while Dale is of Afro-Jamaic descent, making the bassist biracial.

His father is a law attorney with over twenty years of expertise in the field. He currently works as an Executive at APCO Worldwide, a global advisory and advocacy firm.

Meanwhile, Pete’s mother, Dale Wentz, is the Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at North Shore Country Day School, the same school their son Pete attended.

Both of them look pretty interested in American politics, and Pete particularly expresses his political opinions on Twitter. However, it seems Pete’s mother, Dale, has yet to join social media.

The Wentz couple has two younger children besides eldest son Pete, daughter Hillary, and son Andrew.

In one interview, senior Pete revealed he had a piano at home, and all his kids learned to play it. However, he recalls Pete picked up the bass guitar and has been playing that ever since.

Although Pete’s parents did not share the same career path, they have supported Pete and his passion. Now, they say they feel nothing but proud of Pete’s achievements.

Taking to Twitter, Pete’s father tweeted, “Proud Dad,” with a picture of him watching his son perform on the TV.

Also, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Pete Wentz said that his parents did not initially get punk rock. “My dad would come to our shows and he’d be the only guy in a tie. They’ve gotten more supportive,” he added.

Additional Information

  • Pete Wentz’s maternal grandfather was Arthur Winston Lewis, a cousin of General Colin Powell. So, the musician Pete Wentz is related to Colin Powell.
  • He has two kids, Saint Lazslo and Marvel Jane, with Meagan Camper and one son, Bronx Mowgli, with his ex-wife Ashlee Simpson.
  • The musician was once vegan, and he later became vegetarian.
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