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American Idol last contestant Julia Gagnon have adoptive parents who hired an investigator to find her birth mother

On March 24, American Idol season 22 had its last audition premiere of Julia Gagnon, who talks about how her adoptive parents have been there for her since she was two while she wants her birth mother to hear her sing.

Julia Gagnon is a 21-year-old college student born in Guatemala to her biological parents, who left her in an orphanage due to their circumstances.

Later, at age 2, Julia Gagon parents, Meg and Jim Gagnon, adopted her and brought her to Cumberland, Maine. Yet, they never let her feel she was adopted, which is why the aspiring singer is thankful to her current family.

However, her background and looks always made Julia hide her talent for singing. Her peers bullied her until she took part in a talent show in middle school, which gave her the confidence to follow her dreams and sing on the American Idol stage.

It was also a successful trip as Julia Gagnon’s voice reached her birth mom, who wanted to watch and hear her daughter sing, although they had not met yet.

Key Takeaways

  • Julia Gagnon have adoptive parents, Meg and Jim Gagnon, and biological parents with mother named Sara Ramos.
  • She is the last contestant of American Idol season 22 and was successful to win platinum ticket.
  • The singer faced bullying during middle school due to her appearance but got over it thanks to her parents and singing talent.

Julia Gagnon parents, Meg and Jim, discovered her talent and let her find the truth about her birth mother

Meg and Jim are Maine natives who have stood by Julia Gagnon through her every journey, from getting bullied to acknowledging her singing talent.

It was also Julia Gagnon dad, Jim, who accepted the request of Julia on finding out about her birth parents in 2020.

The singer says, “I grew up very curious about my birth family. I went to my dad when I was 18 and said it had nothing to do with you. I just need to know” during the audition of American Idol.

Her dad understood immediately and hired a private investigator for the search hunt the same year.

After the investigation, Julia found that her birth mother was Sara Ramos, who wrote a letter to Julia saying she was apologetic for leaving her.

She was also thankful that she made the decision, as she would not be able to provide the love and care Julia’s real parents have given her. According to the Press Herald, Sara is fighting a serious infection and is ill.

Sara and Julia have remained in touch ever since. Also, Sara’s wish to hear Julia sing even if they could not meet led Julia to the stage of American Idol, where she opens up about her journey and family.

She is grateful to her adoptive parents, Meg and Jim, who raised her to be a warrior and enlightened her in every step of life.

Meg and Jim always encouraged Julia and were with her during various singing competitions, including Central Maine Idol, where Julia successfully won the cash prize of $10,000 by becoming the winner.

After the win, Julia Gagnon had the biggest realization and decided to join American Idol to give herself and Sara a chance to connect with her adoptive parents behind the door to support her.


When was Julia Gagnon born?

Julia Gagnon was born in Guatemala on March 9, 2002, but raised in Cumberland, Maine.

Does Julia Gagnon have a boyfriend?

Julia Gagnon’s boyfriend is Nate Haven, with whom she has been posting Instagram posts since 2022. They recently shared that they engaged on January 1, 2024, after Julia accepted Nate’s proposal.

Did Julia Gagnon win a platinum ticket in American Idol?

Julia Gagnon is one of the three contestants to win a platinum ticket in American Idol season 22.

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