Chris Mercer

Chris Mercer

Rock / Acoustic / Christian

Merseyside, United Kingdom

Official website


Chris Mercer Chriss music and ministry has now opened up in the UK, USA, Canada, Uganda, Holland, Germany, Romania, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia ,New Zealand and Australia covering the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
Her voice has been described as outstanding* but her consuming heart mission is to spread the Gospel and reach a needy world with the love of God and compassion of Christ through her global ministry and music.

Now, sees the release of Chriss newest recording Whispers of His Grace, destined for the needy and hurting world.She is managed from the USAby Tame Your Tongue Productions and records, and deals personally in the UK/Europe.

East and the southern hemisphere Shes worked along side many well known preachers such as Steve Chalk, Tony Campolo, John Smith, J John and with organisations like YWAM, SPRING HARVEST, BYFC, MAF, given concerts and appeared on BBC TV, The God Channel, BBC radio, and UCB radio.

She has worked on the projects of others and written worship, contemporary, and childrens songs. Through her charity The Whispers Foundation, currently being arranged, she supports the homeless/needy.and disadvantaged in the UK, Pakistan, and Romania ,these will all receive support from album sales/concerts.

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Reesav Niraula
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