Dan Rothery


Dan Rothery

Rock / Pop / Alternative

British Columbia, Canada

Official website


Dan Rothery’s eclectic and unique style reflects inspiration from a variety of experiences in musical genres and international culture, yet remains accessible to pop/rock fans.

Dan has sought out musicians and performers all over the world, studying their melodic and percussive styles so as to add to the diversity of his expressive options. With influence from pop/rock and alternative genres, and benefiting from a Latin background (his father was born in Santiago, Chile, and immigrated to Canada), Dan infuses an unrestrained range of expressions and flavors in his songwriting and performing.

He has written, performed, programmed, edited, and produced music in a number of genres live, on television, and in the studio. He has designed multimedia websites, performed in musical theatre, and edited video.

In addition to his musical career, Dan is also a martial arts instructor, an aspiring writer, and a certified scuba diving instructor.

His debut solo CD, Accidental, was released by Maple/Universal in 2005, his award-winning music video for the single Accidental Kisses was played in rotation on MuchMoreMusic, and his songs have been played in features and on rotation across Canada on local and satellite radio and on international internet radio.

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