DJ Come Of Age

DJ Come Of Age

R&B; / Lounge / Down-tempo

Kaiserslautern, Germany


The beauty which we call “soul music” comes from all corners of the globe. Nestled well below the radar of the commercial scene is a movement of DJs, artists, producers, and loyal listeners. ‘Soul Music of the World’ is the podcast/radio show hosted by DJ Come of Age. Noted as a platform giving musicians center stage, it’s popularity has reached every continent under the sun. I became a fan of DJ COA three years ago after hearing his mixtapes. Now legendary, the neo-soul and chillout sessions expanded my musical horizons while introducing me to some great talent!
Such is the aura of his podcast episodes. Free downloads of exquisite talent, each chapter unfolds and presents musical gems for all to enjoy. Borne from the concept which seeks to both “educate and entertain” is the new compilation titled “Emancipation”. Like a classic mixtape, the cd consists of artists from the USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan, and France. The vibe is strictly COA as the flow is steady and smooth. During a recent outing in Norway I had the pleasure to interview DJ COA and delved into what inspires him most.

“Emancipation represents everything the artists and I stand for. We create music so it can be heard, shared , and enjoyed. As a podcast, my show is void of the politics which exist in conventional media outlets. I operate without cultural boundaries and tap into great music from everywhere. For many artists, the industry is likened to being in a bad relationship. Most spend their time and energy trying to be what a record label wants them to be. I respect them for who they are and my listeners share the same vision. Welcome to the show!”

DJ COA’s selfless attitude and savvy business acumen has garnered support in the soul music community. At the forefront of the digital revolution, his production capacity is backed by Above Ground Music in Miami and Slow-B Productions out of Onsala, Sweden. With the European tour set to take flight in March, he is sure to continue the chilled out vibe sessions for the loyal supporters and fans. May he touch you with his rhythm too. A verse from Hassanah sums up the sentiment best: “Be ready for the coronation, everybody follow in deep meditation. Freedom is the destination.” Emancipation is here. Enjoy!

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Anuja Uprety
Anuja Uprety
Anuja Uprety is a content writer with almost two years of experience in the field. She is a passionate researcher and likes to use the skill to explore Hollywood trend.


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