Heather Patch

Heather Patch

Ambient / Pop / Rock

Santa Monica, California

From her suburban Chicago roots to the busy streets of Los Angeles, Trip-Hop/Atlernative Rock artist Heather Patchs journey have been equal parts struggle and success to create something for listeners looking for something outside todays candied top-40 bubble. While she cops to naming Madonna and Depeche Mode as childhood favorites, shes quick to point out less-mainstream artists like Yaz as powerful early influences.

After a brief (and thankfully for trip-hop enthusiast) alliance in the modeling world, Patch surrendered to her musical inclinations and set herself on the path she steadfastly follows today.

From early lessons in Chicago to training with Seth Riggs daughter Kathleen, Patchs traditional approach the non-traditional world of trip-hop may seem paradoxical in a genre jam-packed with self-taught artists. However, its the classical training, in addition to immersion in piano and guitar studies in Los Angeles, that has enabled her to compose her own music and, in her estimation, remain truer to her real voice.

Leave it to the great-granddaughter of a Ziegfeld showgirl to bring plenty of oomph to her performances as well. Like other artists who prefer to work on the fringe, Heathers disdain for the mechanics of popular music hasnt stopped her from throwing herself headlong into the dicier world of trip-hop which doesnt necessarily mean shes worried about finding a broad audience for her music. It also doesn’t mean she isn’t interested in people listening to what she creates. What’s most important to her, is that she has the chance to express herself lyrically and that’s exactly what she does.

Portishead, Bjork, Supreme Being of Leisure, Frou-Frou, Sneaker Pimps, Cafe Del Mar, NIN, Perfect Circle, Nickel Back,…… I think anyone who loves ambient music and rock will like me, says Patch.

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