Jonny Kydd

Jonny Kydd

Acoustic / Folk Rock / Country

Hammersmith, United Kingdom

Official website


Jonny Kydd is a singer/songwriter with a sound that combines beautiful pop/rock melodies with haunting lyrics (all with a Celtic twist coz of the violin. But he rocks too coz of Nikolj Bloch’s venomous guitar).

He’s been performing live for about a year and a half and has played over 70 gigs. He goes out frequently as a two piece with the brilliantly skillful violinist Anna Phoebe. Or with the silky skills of lead guitarist Matt Windler.

Sometimes they’re a three piece with bassist Mal Darwen or double bass player Sandy Burnett. And then there can be the full band with drummer Justin Scott. He inhabits the London area of England in the UK, but will play anywhere! He’s made two albums at the Loft studios (in his loft in fact) the introspective ‘Eggshell Heart’ and the much happier ‘Stuff’ which is a 6 track ep.

He made the first album with his mates Simon Chamberlain and Martin Winning. Simon’s played with Bjork and Sir Paul McCartney (oooh!) and Martin has been playing with Van Morrison for four years. It’s refelcted in the musicianship which is superb. It’s available on his website

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