Karina Nuvo

Karina Nuvo

Latin soul / R&b; / Jazz

Monorovia, CA

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Karina Nuvo is propelled by a powerful heart-force that ensures she never backs away from adversity. Nothing, not even a debilitating illness, could keep her from pursuing her dreams. She found her home and her strength in her voice and will never let go.

Karina couples classic musical influences with her own heartfelt instincts and authenticity, resulting in an unrivaled sound best described as Nuvo Soul. Her vocal styling conveys a sultry unapologetic power, balanced by her sensual clarity and broadened along a gospel / rock edge.

The singer hails from Miami and is a first generation Cuban-American. She writes and sings fluently in both English and Spanish, extending her appeal across cultures.

‘My music encompasses all cultures, races and genders…there’s gospel, there’s R&B;, there’s disco, and there’s Latin jazz. As long as it’s soulful and authentic,’ said Karina.

She’s so versatile, she has worked with some of the most distinguished jazz, R& B and blues singers in the world.

It wasn’t until Karina was 19 years old, however, that she became aware that her voice was far beyond ordinary, which explains an initial bout with stage fright. She began performing original songs around Miami, but decided she needed to follow her aspirations to the West Coast. After moving to Los Angeles to pursue her career she was stricken by illness and forced to abandon her dreams for six long years. And with the same uncompromising strength that she lives by today, Karina emerged with an unstoppable creative drive. Meanwhile, she has selected an amazing team of talented people to ensure her vision can be realized.

‘I’m living other people’s dreams, and I don’t take that for granted because I sat for six years watching others live my dreams!’

Karina is an artist who will have a tremendous affect on you. In particular, her live show includes a spicy salsa-flavored rendition of ‘Shining Star,’ Karina’s homage to the group that has influenced her the most, Earth, Wind and Fire. Her message is inspiring and positive and her delivery will uplift even the most cynical spirit.

Karina integrates every element of her mind, body and soul into her music, which has produced odes to the homeland she has never seen, ‘Cuba,’ as well as gospel numbers like ‘Waiting for My Kingdom to Come,’ that expose her soul while inspiring others to charge on with positiveness. She is determined to spearhead a soulful sound and hopes to one day bring her music back to her parent’s homeland. Her debut album is in production and will be released in the new year.

‘My music is what I’ve created from all the things that inspire me. It’s Nuvo Soul.’

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