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Brit Awards mishap: Kid Harpoon drags wife Jenny Myles into an awkward joke

Harry Styles tried to lighten up the awkwardness in the air by fake-bonking the trophy to the producer's head!

Although this year’s Brit Awards went smoothly without any major drama and scandals, Kid Harpoon dropped a bombshell last year while dragging his wife, Jenny Myles, in his acceptance speech with One Direction’s Harry Styles.

The record producer, Kid Harpoon, made a very awkward joke referencing his wife alongside Maya and Stormzy.

While accepting the night’s final award, Kid Harpoon joked about turning out the lights and being like Maya and Stormzy back in the day, referencing his wife.

However, his awkward joke did not sit quite properly as it became the controversial thing Brits lacked that night.

The comment on the broken-up couple sparked a stir online and major backlashes on the producer.

Key Takeaways

  • Kid Harpoon tied the knot with his publicist-turned-wife Jenny Myles in 2015.
  • Last year, Tom Hull, aka Kid Harpoon, made a controversial joke referencing his wife at the Brits Awards.
  • Harry Styles jokingly pretended to bash Harpoon’s head with the trophy he had just won that night.

Listen to Kid Harpoon’s songs here:

Harry pretended to bash Kid Harpoon on the head with a heavy trophy after his bizarre joke!

On 11 February 2023, Kid Harpoon took over the mic for his acceptance speech after winning Album Of The Year for Harry’s House. He co-wrote and co-produced the chartbuster album with Harry Styles.

At first, he said, “Thanks so much for honouring us tonight. Tyler [Johnson], Harry, thank you so much I love you like brothers. Couldn’t ask for anyone better to do this with, we got this forever.” However, he did not end there, and his speech took a bizarre turn.

Kid Harpoon said, “Also, my wife Jenny has promised me we are going to pretend to be Maya and Stormzy back in the day tonight. Turn off the lights…” Then, the producer was muted.

Harry then went on to pretend to bonk his producer on the head with the heavy trophy he had just won earlier.

Not only the audience but everyone watching the Brits found the joke weird. One Twitter user wrote, “Not kid harpoon dragging out maya and stormzy damnnn. #Brits2023”

Another user tweeted, “ITV bleeping out Kid Harpoon’s comment of Maya and Stormzy lol #Brits #Brits2023.”

Besides controversies, Kid Harpoon and his wife, Jenny Myles, have two kids!

Thomas Edward Percy Hull, aka Kid Harpoon, tied the knot with his girlfriend, Jenny Myles.

The couple choose to get married at Dairie Castle in Scotland on 15 May 2015.

As of now, the pop singer Kid Harpoon has two children, a daughter, Lullah, and a son, whose name remains a mystery to the public.

On the Grammy’s Red Carpet, Kid Harpoon revealed that his son admires and idolizes Harry and wants to be like him.

Kid Harpoon wife, Jenny, is a publicist for her husband and is a Toast Press person, as per her Twitter.

Besides that, not much information is available about her. Moreover, she has a private Instagram account with almost 17k followers.

Nonetheless, Jenny accompanies Kid Harpoon at the Awards and supports her husband.

Also, in the song Canyon Moon, Harry references Kid Harpoon’s wife, Jenny. The lyrics read, “I heard Jenny saying, ‘Go get the kids from school.'” Kid Harpoon co-wrote the single, so it appears he was referencing his wife.


Are Kid Harpoon and Harry Styles friends?

Yes! In an interview, Kid Harpoon said he shares a close bond with Harry Styles and is one of his best friends despite being older.

What songs has Kid Harpoon written?

Kid Harpoon has written many chartbuster songs, including As It Was, Watermelon Sugar, Shake It Out, Falling, and Golden.

Who does Kid Harpoon work with?

Kid Harpoon has worked with famous singers like Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, Maggie Rogers, and Florence + the Machine

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