Mark Abis

Mark Abis

Jazz /Acoustic / Fock

United Kingdom

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Introducing Mark Abis, British author, composer and folk musician who has put together a compilation of his best work since 1995. He is essentially a solemn man with a superb voice that is not only soft and warm, but is also particularly sensual.
The voice is usually accompanied by a lone acoustic guitar when it is not supported by arrangements which are either ethereal or have richer bluesy strains.

Everything slips delicately into place as you listen. The melodies are straightforward and refined. Dream Come True and Steppin Out are truly likeable, and could have been written especially for those comfortable evenings spent around a good fire in great company. One is reminded of the subtle minimalism of Nick Drakes seminal and sensitive Pink Moon.

Despite this, Abis doesnt confine himself to intimate folk and somehow manages to emerge as a true, bluesy folk band with a sprinkle of orchestral arrangements.

The addition of backing vocals, 70s style keyboards and bass give pronounced bluesy tones, which can be heard in Through The Heart Of New York featuring the hazy tenor sax of Eg White, a musician who shows a forever evolving instrumental dexterity and who happily takes on several different fundamental roles to complement the seemingly calm & uncomplicated character of Mark Abis.

As in Stronger Than Desire, the use of harmonica can always bring a sophisticated touch of blues.

Gently out of kilter with the other tracks on the album, Changing Inside and Heaven Is Your Face have more of a Pop feel. Less intimate and withdrawn than the other songs, they are no less indispensable for their light-heartedness, and breathe a bit of variety into the compilation.

Mark Abis lullabies soothe us into a state of peace and tranquillity far removed from the chaos of everyday life.

Summerbreeze covers and compilation AND FILM credits
Emiliana Torrini – Love in the time of science – One Little Indian (1999)
Musique de Nuit Vol 5 – Virgin/Labels France (2000)
Meter Sessies Vol 10 – Universal Holland (2001)
Chilled – Hot Tickets/Associated Newspapers Ltd (2002)
The Late Lounge – Jazz FM Records (2002)

‘Going back to the mid-Sixties, I’ve heard more than any one man’s fair of singer-songwriters, so it takes a lot to get my attention. Mark Abis got my attention. His melodies are original, his voice warm and distinctive, a real musical sensibility is obvious, with literate lyrics to boot. My vote for one of the best of the new generation.’
Joe Boyd (Record Producer: Nick Drake, Pink Floyd, Sandy Denny, REM)

‘Like with Summerbreeze, Mark Abis wrote that song. And he was in the kitchen and I didn’t even know he wrote. We were having coffee and suddenly I got hyper-dramatic. The sun was shining and I got this high feeling and I was like ‘Oh! I have to have this song that’s like the sun coming up on your face…’ and he was like ‘Oh? I have a song…’ And he sang that song and I almost died. ‘ (Emiliana Torrini)

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