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Just Sam parents weren’t there for them, making their growing up difficult!

The American Idol fans quickly bashed the show after Just Sam's video performing back in the NYC subways went viral even after winning the show title.

The American Idol season 18 winner, Just Sam, revealed having a tough childhood with no parents to look for them. Their grandmother, Elizabeth, adopted them at the young age of six with their sister.

Their mother had been in jail for most of their life. So, they recall their grandmother taking them to visit their mother every Sunday.

In a heartfelt Mother’s Day video, Just Sam sobbingly says, “Having to leave her (their mother) every Sunday, that hurt!”

Just Sam shares a complicated relationship with their mother while their father remains a mystery!

The pop singer Just Sam was born Samantha Diaz to their parents in Harlem, New York, on November 23, 1998.

Sam’s parents could not care for them, so their grandma from their father’s side took them in and raised them. Meanwhile, their parents’ names are not available to the public and remain private.

Regardless, the singer has been vocal about their struggles growing up due to the absence of both parents. As the singer grew up in the loving care of their grandma, Just Sam shares a complicated relationship with their mother.

Talking to the New York Post, Just Sam said, “After she (their mother) got out of prison, we did try to have a relationship, but that didn’t work out.”

Just Sam explained they had no mother or father and their friends teased them for that. So, it is no wonder the childhood trauma did not help but worsen the relationship of the singer with their parents.

Also, in the documentary Sam, Underground, the singer says, “I wouldn’t want to sing with my mother like ever.”

Furthermore, the singer added they had not had contact with their parents throughout the American Idol journey. Instead, Just Sam said, “So I’m just waiting on Dr. Phil to help.”

On the other hand, there is no information or mention from Just Sam about the father.

Nevertheless, the American Idol season 18 winner, Just Sam, has their grandma, Elizabeth, as their family. The singer wished their grandma to celebrate Mother’s Day when they were in the American Idol.

Additional Information

  • Despite winning the American Idol title, Samantha Diaz, aka Just Sam, had to return to their old lifestyle, busking in the NYC subway.
  • The singer Just Sam returned to the show American Idol as a guest performer in the ongoing season.
  • They became the first openly LGBTQ+ winner in American Idol’s history.
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