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My first name really is Michelangelo. My artist father named his son after his idol. I grew up playing the piano. I started taking lessons when I was six, (I loved them). By the age of ten I was writing music like a little maniac. By thirteen I was recording songs on my little bedroom four-track.

By high school I had effectively recorded four ninety-minute tapes worth of music that circulated generously throughout my school. At college, (NYU) I quickly fell into writing scores for film and theater. After time, I had written music for Independent Films, Industrial Films, Off-Broadway Theater, Off-Off-Broadway Theater, Children’s Theater, Cable Television, Public Radio, Commercial Specs, Television Pilots, Childrens Video Games, World Documentaries, Rock/Pop demos, Muzak, Video Magazines, Dance Pieces, and music for the Jumbotron at Madison Square Garden. Then I started writing songs again!

Michelangelo currently performs in and around New York City and the East coast. His latest CD, Future Perfect has been greeted by enthusiastic reviews and was a top seller and featured artist on CDFreedom.com and CDBaby.com. Songs from Future Perfect have been spun on over a hundred college radio stations across the country, and now on several Internet and AAA radio stations as well. Tracks from Future Perfect have also been selected for NIMBITs ‘Holiday Party’ compilation, First Spinz ‘Radio Rock/Pop’ collection, and Cooper Studio’s ‘Popkomm2005’ compilation. Paul Carosi, the main programmer of Radio Free Tunes/Artist Launch.com wrote, Michelangelo has some of the best blue-eye soul Ive heard in years. He is a master songwriter. Im featuring him at No.1 on station Radio Free R&B;

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Ruhi Tiwari
Ruhi Tiwari
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