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ELECTROSOUL is the name of Natalias debut 5 songs EP [available at iTUNES and Rhapsody now] and also the name she gave to her style of music; which is a fusion of electronica, soul and 80’s dance music with influences including Seal and Depeche Mode. NATALIA is an electronica Artist [singer/songwriter/performer/] with dynamic live show including two backup dancers .

After just 2 years living in US Natalia started writing her songs in English and 2 years later she had self-released her debut EP Electrosoul and have already shared stage with Kill Hannah, Dead Legend, Shiny Toy Guns, Clear Static and Headlined night club performancesGrowing up in a big city (St. Petersburg, Russia), Natalia was exposed to culture and performing arts at an early age and spent much of her time singing and dancing in children’s groups. After graduating from high school Natalia receiveda scholarship and attended the prestigious Jagellonian University in Krakow, Poland. She sang in clubs and danced in a student group throughout her college years and graduated with a masters degree in linguistics before moving to the United States.

There, she started taking voice lessons and after two years of living in the US, Natalia was encouraged by a friend to start writing her own songs in English: I had never done it before and was really surprised how melodies and lyrics would pour out of me. While in the U.S. Natalia discovered that a lot of artists were following the DIY ethic. She quickly adopted this Do it Yourself ethic as her own philosophy. She does everything- songwriting, management, executive production of her EP, the artwork.. everything.

She knows what she wants and how she wants to do it.

songwriting awards

2006 BillBoard Wold Songwriting Contest – Memorable Mention [‘This honor demonstrates the talent and dedication it takes to write a ‘Hit Song’]

2005 Broadjam showcase winner, Natalia was invited to perform at NEME 2005 ( 14 out of 300 unsigned artists

in all genres from all over the country were picked to perform at the New England Musicians Expo sep 17-18 at the Connecticut Convention Center ). |

FEARS is a winning song in 2005 ‘VH-1’s Song of the Year’ contest, an International Songwriting Competition

that is judged by an elite panel, consisting of Grammy Award winners, as well as individuals from Rolling Stone, ABC television, and more.

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