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All about Anthony Ramos’ parents, Mildred Ramos and Mario Martinez

Anthony Ramos says, "I’m a rising star in my mom’s eyes. So, that's all that matters."

The versatile American actor/singer Anthony Ramos did not have the luxury of growing up with both parents as his father struggled with substance abuse.

Anthony Ramos was raised by his single mother, Mildred Ramos, alongside his older brother and younger sister.

So, it is no wonder the Mind Over Matter singer never forgets to thank his mother in his acceptance speech.

Here is the list of popular tracks from Anthony Ramos that you might like to tune in to!

Anthony Ramos thought he was problematic for his parents as a kid!

The Grammy Awards winner, Anthony Ramos, was born on November 1, 1991, to his parents, Mario Martinez and Mildred Ramos.

His father was born to Mario Ramón Martínez Cedeño and Ada Irma Otero Rey. Meanwhile, his mother was born to Rogelio Ramos and Ana Maria Santana García.

Anthony’s father, Mario, is Puerto Rican with some part of European and Jewish descent. In Finding Your Roots, Ramos got to know his father had lost his mother when he was one year old.

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, his parents were not together, and his father was barely around him.

At the time, young Anthony thought it was because of him that his father was not around much. Furthermore, the singer recalls feeling like if he weren’t around, his mother would have less to worry about.

However, Anthony Ramos’ father, Mario Martinez, struggled with substance abuse. In an old interview, the pop singer said, “When my dad was around, I really did my best to show him.”

In the absence of his father, Anthony Ramos’ mother, Mildred Ramos, raised three of her kids independently. The Ramos family lived in Hope Gardens in Bushwick, New York.

Talking to Man Enough, Anthony said he later shared a good relationship with his father and revealed his father had apologized to his family.

However, Anthony explained that his father’s absence during his childhood had a greater impact. He says, “So when a child doesn’t feel love from his parents, their needs aren’t met, they don’t stop loving the parent. They stop loving themselves.”

A few months prior, Anthony lost his father, Mario. The host, Henry Louis Gates Jr., took to Twitter to honor him with a Finding Your Roots episode featuring Anthony Ramos.

Additional Information

  • Anthony Ramos is of mixed ethnicity as he has Puerto Rican, European, African and Jewish descent.
  • Though the singer shares same surname with Jose Ramos, Anthony is not related to him.
  • Anthony was engaged to his ex-fiance Jasmine Cephas Jones,’ but they called off their engagement in 2021.
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