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Seduced by Suicide

Seduced by Suicide

Gothic / Rock / Glam

Caxias do Sul, RS Brazil

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‘To be Seduced by Suicide, a common theme of ultra romanticism, where many times the suicide of lovers is the best way to prove their love and perpetuate this feeling beyond life’

Seduced by Suicide is a gothic rock band created by Earth in the end of 2004 under the influences of David Bowie, The Sisters of Mercy, HIM, Garbage, Type O Negative, PoisonBlack, Marilyn Manson and other gothic/dark artists.

In the end of 2005, Seduced by Suicide finishes Gothic Dream, their first CD, which was released in January 10th, including 5 tracks plus a multimedia bonus with 5 songs of other bands which features guest vocals of Earth.

In the near future, as soon as possible, Earth intends to form a full line-up to play live either on North America and Europe with session musicians from both regions.’

Anuja Uprety
Anuja Uprety
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