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shane and blane

Shane and Blane

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Nashville, Tennessee

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Onstage and off, Shane & Blane are always the life of the party. These identical twins from central Louisiana are without a doubt Southern boys. Theyre rowdy and mischievous with lots of charm. Its a devilish combination that makes for a rockin good time. Shane & Blane’s blend of country and rock is part of the new movement of country music made popular by artists such as Gretchen Wilson, Big & Rich, Montgomery Gentry and Keith Urban. These artists have opened the door for Shane & Blane. Like their contemporaries, the twins write much of their own music and it has helped them shape their musical identities. Their dynamic stage presence comes from the emotion they pour into every song. We get a little crazy on stage, because we love the reaction we get from the audience, said Shane. We especially love the reaction we get from all the beautiful women, adds Blane. Their producer, Greg Archilla, is a big name in the music biz, having worked with pop acts Matchbox 20, Edwin McCain and Collective Soul. Archilla described the duo as ‘Southern-Rock boys gone country.’ ‘The music definitely resembles the attitude of the act,’ he said. ‘That’s what’s unique about them — the attitude they bring to the table.’ Archilla said current country stars like Gretchen Wilson and Big and Rich have opened the door to the kind of attitude Shane and Blane possess. It is their twin harmonies, however, that truly set Shane & Blane apart from everyone else. Reminiscent of the Everly Brothers style, they can sing their harmony parts in unison throughout their entire songs. The twins have been performing since they were children, it is no surprise they eventually found their way into country music. With both parents being entertainers, it was natural for them to become involved in the industry. Their mother, Sissy Ray, was a singer who earned the nickname the Lady Hank. She released eight singles during her career for Shadow Records. Their father, who was a great singer and guitar player in his own right, played in his wifes band. He taught the twins how to play guitar. Shane & Blane’s musical influences run the spectrum from country to rock to rap and it shows in their song arrangements. Iron Maiden was a big influence to us, said Shane. So was Guns n Roses, Def Leppard, Metallica and Bon Jovi, said Blane. One of their first bands was a heavy metal trio called Metal Morphix. They were also heavily influenced by country artists like George Strait and Alan Jackson. The first time I heard the Alan Jackson song, Here in the Real World I stopped in my tracks, said Blane. I knew I had to pursue country music. Shane & Blane can light up a room regardless of whether or not they are performing. Theyre always having fun and their genuine personalities, coupled with their wild sense of humor, puts you at ease from the first minute you meet them. They play off each other like only brothers, especially twins, can. Shane & Blane are good ol boys who enjoy a good party like everyone else. They wow the women and the men want to sit down and drink a beer with them. They have the look, the talent and the undeniable personality that makes everyone love them. And thats before they walk onstage. So grab a cold one, sit back and take it all in. The party is about to begin and Shane & Blane are sure to blow you away.

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