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Often compared to Sade and Dido with Depeche Mode thrown into the mix, UK singer-songwriter Adama is a unique artist in her own right.
Adama’s most precious form of songwriting comes from her dreams. A dynamic and prolific writer, she ‘receives’ everything from melodies to string arrangements during her sleep-state. In the studio, the team have worked together on translating these dreams into solid tracks for all to experience. The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees and super-group Mad Season amongst other quality musicians from around the world, are featured on Adama’s songs.

Spiritually engaging and thought provoking, Adama’s songs are pure and powerful with addictive melodies that stick in your mind after just one listen. Add to that the cutting-edge electronic-pop production, fine musicianship, Adama’s pop-star looks and a strong album completed… Adama is ready to make her mark.

Today, Adama’s music is making waves on major internet music sites, such as Myspace. She is attracting fans from all over the globe through college and internet radio and is ready to take the next step forward.

Half Nigerian, half Cornish, Adama grew up in a diverse world of musical influences. You can hear her background in the style of her vocals: rhythmical and innovative. As an artist, she is a fresh and clean break from the norm, yet with a familiarity that magnetises her audience, leaving listeners captivated and wanting more.

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Anuja Uprety
Anuja Uprety
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