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EBK Osama brother, EBK Jaaybo is a rising star with his unique style and raw, touching lyrics!

EBK Jaaybo released a song Black Bottle Boys as a homage to his late father, James Gorman.

Although the American rapper EBK Osama has many popular singles, his song Range (Dont Look At Me) with his brother, EBK Jaaybo, is the most famous.

EBK Osama seems to be Jaaybo’s older brother, but we do not know the exact age gap.

The EBK brothers were born to his late rapper father, James ‘Rrari’ Gorman, and share four other siblings. Their rapper father passed away in 2015 as a result of a homicide in Stockton right after he completed his seven-year parole.

Here is the list of popular tracks from EBK Osama that you might like to tune in to!

Here is the list of popular tracks from EBK Jaaybo that you might like to tune in to!

EBK Jaaybo is a promising emerging rapper from Stockton, California!

The real name of EBK Jaaybo is Jaymani Gorman, born on August 22, 2003, in Stockton, California.

He stepped into the music industry with his debut single, Dondadda, in 2018, featuring EBK Juvie.

Since then, he has released four studio albums and several singles that gained online traction. EBK Jaaybo also collaborated with his brother EBK Osama in 2021 and released a song, Range ! (Dont Look At Me).

As of now, the Hip-Hop artist has over half a million monthly listeners on his Spotify. Meanwhile, EBK Jaaybo has amassed over 340k followers on his Instagram.

EBK Jaaybo began his musical journey by rapping with his cousin EBK Young Joc’s group EBK HotBoiiz.

In 2021, the young rapper went to jail and served almost two years in the Stockton County Jail for the illegal sale of firearms. But even before that, he was also sentenced for over a year.

After getting out of jail from his first arrest, EBK Jaaybo released his most famous song, Step The Hardest. The rapper is famous for his songs that feature his personal story of losing family and friends to firearm misuse.

Furthermore, he expresses in his raps the suffering that he experiences from PTSD due to losing his father and friends to violence while in jail.

So, his songs like Real Nigga, 2100, Out On Bail, Had Enough, and Street Love Song became the most hit singles. His latest single, Boogieman, is also getting a positive response and over a million streams on Spotify.

Moreover, EBK Jaaybo’s brother, EBK Osama, is also rumored to be a victim of a recent homicide in Sacramento.

However, there is no official information released from the police regarding the identity of the victim who lost his life. Also, the rapper has not said anything about it yet.

Additional Information

  • EBK Jaaybo’s raps mainly explore his personal life, with themes of life goals, backstabbing, and survival.
  • EBK stands for Everybody Killa and is a hybrid street gang in Stockton, California.
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