Alexandra Kelly

Alexandra Kelly

Acoustic / Pop / Indie

New York City & New Jersey

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Alexandra Kelly’s mix of a uniquely rich soulful voice and songs that blend genres, make her a talent to be on the lookout for. Her sound has been described as powerful and intimate at the same time, and her fans span the boundries between young and old. Her songs evoke the joys and trials of life and love, with melodies that stay with you long after the song is over. One fan described the experience as: ” Doing something right, like that is where you should be and what you should be doing at that exact moment &Quot.; This 16 year-old singer songwriter performs straight from the heart.
In 2005, barely 15, she was voted winner of the WOR Radio Shining Star Talent Search, and performed her winning original song “Americans” for a live audience of 3500. Alexandra Kelly has made several appearances on nationally broadcast radio shows including the Joey Reynolds Show and Pop Garden Radio. She is being played on many college radio stations and generates interest wherever she goes. Alexandra Kelly is currently recording and as an ASCAP member since 2005 she keep adding to her catalog of original songs. She is also working with the famous NY vocal expert Dr. Bill Riley, who works with such talents as Shakira, Faith Hill & Celine Dion.

Alexandra Kelly can be seen live in New York City & New Jersey. She played this summer at the famous CBGB’S Gallery and performs regularly at The Bitter End and other metropolitan venues. Playing piano and guitar, Alexandra’s passion and enthusiasm infuse her live shows with energy and excitement. She is an extraordinary voice who should be seen and heard. Hear her once and you will remember her always

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