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Aversion to life

Aversion To Life

Death Metal / Grindcore


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Aversion To Life was spawned in the grueling heat of Texas in June 2005. Initialy forged by Emmitt Gillaspy (Sintury rip) and Robert Moore (Vitality) the project was started to revive the slowly decaying Texas scene and take the next step in composing ultra brutal death metal!

After breaking from Withered Dreams and looking to play a more challenging style of music, Derek Weir joined the ranks of Aversion To Life and the foundation was complete. Robert then was offereed a position in the already established Vitality who had just gotten label support, so all agreed that Robert should not turn down the opportunity.

Alex Oterro, who had recently moved to Dallas from the mean streets of El Paso and disbanded from Reign of Terror was very excited about the opportunity to fill Roberts slot and became the 2nd guitarist. Kevin Clark (Devourment) approached Emmitt to do vocals in the project and Justin Lain came to fullfill the duties of bass.

Just as Aversion to Life was being signed with Comatose Music and everything was talking shape Kevin started to have problems with the lyrical contect due to his newly found religious beliefs and parted ways. Justin Lain then moved from bass to vocals which was a blessing in disguise as the sound is now sicker then ever!

Aversion to Life then recruited TJ Garcia (aka LordT6) on bass but shorty after joining he moved on due to personal reasons. ATL was holding open try outs when they met Alex from Wretched Decay who is a phenominal musician and very down to earth mother fucker. They quickly snatched him up completing what had been missing . The line up is fully complete for mass murder!!!

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