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2001: In this year, the infernal warrior Lord Aeshma was playing in a black metal horde, but it didn’t meet his the obscure longings and truthful satanic ideology. Then, in October, Lord Aeshma left the horde, ready to give life to an ambitions project called Blackmass. Lord Aeshma was ready to create a horde with extreme technics, blasphemy, and fast songs, transforming his dark ideals into songs with truthful satanic essence.

2002: After many tests, Magus Dux Adramelech joined the horde as vocalist in January and became a permanent member in March. Thenceforward the unholy duo Aeshma/Adramelech let the infernal gears of Blackmass work well.

With few rehearsals, Blackmass wrote songs to record their first cd, self-financed, but the horde didn’t have a drummer yet, therefore, Magus Dux Adramelech decided to record the drums even without any experience on playing it.

In May, the horde entered in Veronese Studio to record the demo-cd Diabolical Ritual which Lord Aeshma recorded guitars and bass, and Magus Dux Adramelech recorded vocals, drums, and keyboards. This one have five tracks: An intro, a slow song “Ravenous Demonium”, and three fast songs which one of them stands out, “Diabolical Ritual”, this one was going to guide Blackmass’ sonority.

With this demo-cd, Blackmass appears as a revelation and great promise of black metal. The horde appeared in several magazines with prominence. The cd had a great response in the underground scene, mainly in Brazil, showing the power of the band since Blackmass released Diabolical Ritual in a very high sonority quality and powerful cover-art.

As soon as Diabolical Ritual hits the black metal scene, Blackmass received in September a proposal to be featured in a compilation by Black Hole Magazine, thus Blackmass, with Diabolical Ritual began to be respected as a professional horde and several contacts made the band known through underground.

2003: After a long time looking for a drummer, Verberibus Necare was added as a permanent member and Magus Dux Adramelech started to make both vocals and play bass. Eventually Blackmass’ line-up was complete, and it brought a new level of aggressiveness, technic, and speed. Blackmass now can write more satanic songs and faster than the first album.

With many rehearsals and dedication of the members, in August the horde entered again in Veronese Studio to record the EP Episcolum, Servo Servorum Satanii, this one had two hyper-fast and obscure songs, with the track “I Call Upon Thee” being the stand out which many people considered as a Blackmass’ masterpiece. Once again the response was great and Blackmass was consolidated as a great brazilian black metal horde.

With this EP, in December Blackmass featured in a compilation called Extreme Underground I by Avernus Records, with the song “Daemonarchetypes”, and again the horde appeared in several magazines.

2004: The year began with many gigs. Blackmass played in lots of brazilian states. During this time the horde concentrated to write new songs to show the true inferno’s face in an album never saw before in the brazilian black metal scene.

In June Blackmass had nine tracks to record their first full-length album for a label. In this same month the horde received the contact of Black Metal Mafia, a label from So Paulo, offering a contract to release the new Blackmass’ work. This contract was signed down, but a little time after it, Blackmass announces the BREAK of the contract, because the label didn’t accomplish the contract-clauses. The horde made many concerts and new proposals started to come from Canada, USA, and Europe, but they weren’t good enough for the band, so they kept working with their own forces.

2005: In May a brazilian label called Blasphemy Productions gave a very good proposal to release the new horde’s work. Thus in July Blackmass entered at Poly Studio to record an album with very high quality, faster, obscure, technical and most satanic possible.

The album titled Gloria Diaboli has nine tracks, which stand out the ultra fast songs “Gloria Diaboli” and “Necrologies”, the technical “Xes Lehahiah Plegas”, “Infernal Horned God” and “Alae Nocturnae”, sang in Latim. To close an infernal circle, Blackmass invested a lot in the artwork, which was made by Svartr (Lys Aeon), who created something with the obscure quality as the magnitude of the album. The full length was released in December 10th in Brazil with many concerts being made. In December 20th, Gloria Diaboli is released in Brazil through Blasphemy Productions.

In the end of April Gloria Diaboli will be released worldwide through Sinister Sounds, and in the end of May will be distributed in Benelux through IR Distribution. Non-brazilian fans who have interest to order your copy of the album should click in the following banner to visit the website of Sinister Sounds.

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