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Rock Metal Barock : The Music of AYIN ALEPH is at the confluence of very different horizons: rock and metal but also some classical influences like the baroque and romantic music. The components are weaved in such a personal manner, that the polyphonic music of AYIN ALEPH can not properly refer to lyrical metal or symphonic rock as existing. Her music offers to these genres a real musical hybridization.
Her lyrics are very poetical and somehow at the frontier between theology and symbolism. « It seems that through AYIN ALEPH it is a certain Freddie Mercury that is reincarnated in a female version » (Jacques de Pierpont – Classic 21 RTBF – Bruxelles)

Piano: Born and raised in Moscow, AYIN ALEPH starts the learning of piano at the age of 4 years old and is very quickly noticed by the great composer of this time, Dimitri KABELEVSKI, as one of the most promising virtuoso of her generation. At the age of fifteen, she succeeded at the entrance examination of the Tchaïkowski Moscow Conservatory. In 1990, she leaves Russia and settles herself in Paris in 1992. Then she enters the

Ayin’s Voice: Ayin Aleph has a singular voice that oscillates between secret softness and « opera rock » turbulent expressions. Thanks to baroque opera and more particularly to Haendel, she developed her lyrical singing. Ayin Aleph’s vocal versatility is demonstrated with her use of both soprano and mezzo soprano ranges.

The Album: Ayin Aleph writes her own songs but several artistic collaborations will succeed one another. This album needed a long maturity in order to reach its final shape from the original piano compositions In 2003, her career takes shape: she performs at an exceptional show case at the Pink Paradise in Paris with her band of this time « The Nudes »; in March 2004 she performs in Belgium. She records several demos at the Studio Davout in Paris and in May 2004, she performs at the Scene Bastille in Paris ; in July at the Festival « Chauffer dans la Noirceur” in Normandy, and in October at the Glazart in Paris. In February 2005, she released a promotional «EP. For her first album, still in production, Ayin Aleph works with the guitar player Mark Mynett (ex- Kill II This) as well as different musicians and engineers to produce a grandiose music and sound. The album will be released in end of 2006.

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