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After canceling the 2023 concert due to illness, Benjamin Grosvenor again rises with new energy

British pianist Benjamin Grosvenor recently finished performing nine concerts within one month!

Benjamin Grosvenor, a Classical Brit Critics’ Award-winning pianist, is busy preparing for his concerts to run smoothly, as his last show was canceled due to his sudden illness.

When an artist performs long hours of the show every single day without any rest and proper diet, of course, they will suffer an illness, and the same thing happened to Benjamin Grosvenor in 2023, and he had to disappoint his fans as he was not able to attend the show.

Further, in 2024, many fans of Benjamin Grosvenor again expressed concerns about his illness and health as he performed nine shows within one month between March and April.

On March 1, Benjamin Grosvenor uploaded an Instagram post sharing his recent concerts in the US, with the caption writing, “Heading overseas!! Looking forward to coming back to the US! Upcoming concerts”

His concerts are scheduled from March 6 to April 6, with the following dates and locations: 6 March in Santa Fe, 8 March at Duke University, North, 10 March in Chicago, 17 March in Paris, 19 March in Amiens, 28 March in Brussels, 29 March in Liège, 5 April in Toulouse, and 6 April in Figeac.

After a hectic month preparing for back-to-back concerts, some of his fans assume Benjamin Grosvenor might be going through an illness.

However, according to our research, there is no sign of his bad health. He keeps posting videos of his performance on social media platforms, but no information suggests he has any health issues.

Moreover, Benjamin Grosvenor did not share information about having any health issues despite his 2023 illness, which led to the show’s cancellation.

Key Takeaways

  • Benjamin Grosvenor fans are concerned about his health as he performed 9 shows in one month.
  • Last year, in 2023, Benjamin Grosvenor had to withdraw from the show due to his severe illness.
  • However, another great Yonge artist, Alim Beisembayev, stepped in to help the artist and provide a great performance.

Listen to Benjamin Grosvenor’s most famous pieces of music here

Alim Beisembayev stepped in when Benjamin Grosvenor couldn’t perform the show due to illness

British classical pianist Benjamin Grosvenor had to withdraw from his concert Prom No. 30 at Royal Albert Hall due to severe illness.

However, another great musical artist, Alim Beisembayev from Kazakhstan, stepped in to save the day, and he did not disappoint.

In the beginning, convincing the fans and managing the show was very tough. However, it went smoothly later as Alim Beisembayev performed Rachmaninov’s famous second piano concerto with the help of conductor John Wilson and the Sinfonia of London.

Similalry, it was not the only time his show was canceled. On 18 March 2020, due to COVID-19, FCM canceled his piano recital show, which was happening at the Newman Center.

The FCM announced his cancelation by saying, “The health and safety of our Friends of Chamber Music community is our top priority. Given serious public health concerns and community efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, FCM has canceled the March 18 piano recital with Benjamin Grosvenor at the Newman Center.”

Being one of the greatest young pianists who succeeded in winning the BBC Young Musician of the Year award, Benjamin Grosvenor is often busy visiting different countries and cities for concerts.

He still has four upcoming events recently: 14 and 21 April in Cologne, Germany, 28 June in Weikersheim, Germany, and 9 February in Paris, France. So let’s wish him good luck and hope he won’t get sick by performing too many shows this time.


What is Benjamin Grosvenor famous for?

Benjamin Grosvenor is famous for his electrifying performances, insightful interpretations, distinctive sound, and sonorous lyricism.

Who are Benjamin Grosvenor’s parents?

Benjamin Grosvenor’s father is an English and Drama teacher, while his mother, Rebecca Grosvenor, is a piano teacher. He is the youngest of five brothers.

What is Benjamin Grosvenor’s net worth?

As per some online sources, British pianist Benjamin Grosvenor holds around $200,000 net worth in 2024.

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