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CJ Rislove girlfriend and dating status remain a mystery to solve!

The American Idol contestant, CJ Rislove leads a nomadic lifestyle and lives in his school bus.

Just like the unknown destination of the nomadic life, the love life and girlfriend of CJ Rislove, an American Idol contestant, remain a mystery.

After the American Idol audition round premiered, CJ Rislove quickly gained online traction. CJ arrived at the Idols set with his school bus, Jazz Wagon, where he lives a nomadic life.

Viewers loved and adored CJ Rislove’s charming personality and musical talents. So, they dug deeper into his Instagram handle and noticed a girl, Faith Armstrong.

With that, many speculated that Faith Armstrong could be the girlfriend of American Idol contestant CJ Rislove.

Key Takeaways

  • CJ Rislove has not said anything about having a girlfriend let alone clarify if she is Faith Armstrong.
  • The singer made quite an impression on American Idol by coming to the set with his school bus, Jazz Wagon.

Here is the list of tracks from the artist CJ Rislove that you might like to hear!

Instead of romance, Faith Armstrong, the alleged girlfriend of CJ Rislove, might just be besties!

Although the artist, CJ Rislove himself, has not opened up about his love life, fans wonder if it’s Faith Armstrong.

Looking at the official Instagram account of CJ Rislove, multiple posts feature his alleged girlfriend, Faith Armstrong. And it seems they have known each other since 2015.

The Chippewa Falls musician CJ Rislove wished Faith Armstrong her birthday, quoting, “From 15 to 19, happiest of birthdays to my long time partner in crime:) #gLoWUp”

On International Women’s Day last year, CJ Rislove praised all the women in his life, including his rumored girlfriend Faith Armstrong.

Meanwhile, back in August 2020, Faith took to her Instagram and uploaded a picture together with CJ Rislove and captioned, “💖” and CJ replied, “hot dawg we lookin good 😎” Besides that, she has not featured the singer in her recent Instagram posts.

Moreover, in one of their Instagram posts, the duo mentioned themselves as best friends.

So, it is not for sure if they share a romantic relationship besides being each other besties.

Also, neither the pop singer CJ Rislove nor his alleged girlfriend Faith has posted or said anything explicitly if they are or were in a relationship.


Who is the school bus guy on American Idol?

The school bus guy on American Idol is none other than the singer CJ Rislove himself. He lives a nomadic lifestyle on the bus, which he calls Jazz Wagon.

What are the songs of CJ Rislove?

Besides Astronaut and the Rockstar, Golden Day, Just in Time, and Danny are some of the popular songs of CJ Rislove.

Who are CJ Rislove’s parents?

Valerie and Daniel are the parents of the American Idol contestant CJ Rislove.

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