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Does Shaboozey have a wife? ‘Happy Valentines Day to you’ caption on Anabelle’s release made everyone wonder!

The Nigerian-American singer and rapper Shaboozey has resonated his name by bridging country and hip-hop music. His recent single, Anabelle, received abundant love, but the caption on the video release left everyone in a dilemma: did Shaboozey mean it for his wife, partner, or fans?

Shaboozey captions the video release as “Anabelle video out now!!!!! Happy Valentines Day 💘 my gift to you” on his Twitter.

From the looks of the social posts, Shaboozey has indulged himself entirely in his music career, so the love might not be his wife. Instead, it was for his fans, whom he loves for the support they shower.

Key Takeaways

  • The singer Shaboozey does not have a girlfriend or wife as of the 2024 update.
  • He is focused on his career with lyrics hitting hard on fans.
  • Shaboozey has collaborated with Beyonce in her new album Act II: Cowboy Carter released on March 29, 2024.

Songs of Shaboozey gives fans Deja vu of their love life since they connect with his lyrics

Shaboozey is rarely involved in relationship scandals, allowing fans to make guesses. The artist came to the public eye when he released his country-inspired debut album, Lady Wrangler, in 2018.

Ever since, he has been into country pop songs and has released other country-inspired albums like Cowboys Live Forever and Outlaws Never Die, engraving himself into the world of hip-hop music’s rising singers list.

The major hype for Shaboozey as a fan favorite came from his single Let It Burn, which recorded a total streaming 8 million.

Not only that, but it became a song that was most connected to their love life. A user captions, “After listening to this Shaboozey song, I want my Ex back in my life.”

Another user comments on Reddit, saying, “I like his new I feel like coming into his own it comes across as more genuine and yeah his last album was good and dreams was one of the best tracks on there.”

Some also have counter words for Shaboozey and guesses on his love life, as another user comments, “Who said his ex was a “girl”?”

Yet, the singer seems unscathed by the rumors and does not seem to clarify his relationship background. So, for now, it is safe to say that Shaboozey does not have a wife.

On the other hand, he is taking his career to another level. He recently collaborated with Beyonce on two tracks, Spaghettii and Sweet Honey Bucckiin, for her new album Act II: Cowboy Carter.

Fans easily connect with his lyrics, which might be a plus point for Shaboozey in his mission to take black country artists to the top of Billboard’s Hot Country Song charts.


What is the real name of Shaboozey?

The real name of Shaboozey is Collins Obinna Chibueze, born to Nigerian descent parents.

How old is the singer Shaboozey?

Shaboozey is 28 years old, born on May 9, 1995, in Northern Virginia.

Shaboozey is signed to which record label?

According to sources, Shaboozey is currently with Empire Distribution.

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