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No! Alison Krauss is not related to Kirstie Krauss despite having the same last name

Due to the same surname, Krauss, many fans think the singers Alison Krauss and Kirstie Krauss might be related, but they are not.

Moreover, no official or public information suggests these two singers are related biologically.

Having said that, their musical genres appear to overlap, as both singers’ singing styles lean toward country music.

So, it seems the confusion originated from their same surname, Krauss, and the same profession.

Key Takeaways

  • Though Alison and Kirstie Krauss are not related biologically, they appear to have same musical style, i.e., country music.
  • Both of the singers have completely different family trees from different parts of America.

Alison and Kirstie Krauss: Not related by Blood but united by country music

Neither Alison nor Kirstie Krauss has made an official statement to clarify whether they are related or not.

But, looking at their family tree, origin, and social media handles, we can say that they are not related, at least not biologically.

Alison Krauss was born to her parents, Louise Krauss and Fred Krauss, in Decatur, Illinois. She was raised in Champaign alongside his elder brother, Victor Krauss. Alison, the Buy Me a Rose singer, married Pat Bergeson, and they have a son, Sam Bergeson.

On the contrary, Kirstie Kraus is a native of Janesville, Wisconsin. She was born to her parents, Laurie Kraus and Al James. The Thirsty album singer also has a sister named Kelsey.

Moreover, Kirstie has not married anyone yet, but she is in a romantic relationship, and we do not know who the boyfriend is. She once posted, “Writing this song for my boyfriend and getting to perform it with him on stage is unimaginably special! 🥰 #boxes”

So, just by looking at their entirely different family trees and origins, we can see that Alison and Kirstie Krauss are not related.

In terms of musical genre, these two singers appear to be united by the country music.

Although Alison Krauss leans more toward bluegrass music, she is also famous for her country songs.

She debuted in 1989, the year Kirstie was born, with her solo album Two Highways. Meanwhile, Kirstie Krauss debuted with her album Yes You Can in 2022.


Why did Alison Krauss stop singing?

In an interview, Alison Krauss revealed that she was diagnosed with a health condition called dysphonia. It refers to several vocal issues that caused her voice box to shut down.

Is Viktor Krauss related to Alison Krauss?

Yes! Viktor Krauss is related to Alison Krauss as he is the older brother of the country singer.

How old is the country singer Kirstie Krauss?

Kirstie Krauss was born on October 2, 1989, and is 34 years old as of 2024.

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