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Yeat parents, Joshua and Laura Smith, were his biggest influences

The California-born singer Yeat credits his parents with early musical influence during his upbringing.

Since the rapper Yeat rose to fame, queries about his ethnicity and origin and whether his parents, Joshua and Laura Smith, are proud of him, given his unique lifestyle, have surfaced more than ever.

Despite all those viral queries and rumors about his identity, Yeat has kept everything private.

Furthermore, his social media barely have anything apart from his work-related stuff.

Here is a Spotify playlist from the rapper Yeat that you might like to tune in to.

Yeat says his parents’ taste in music influenced his musical style!

The American rapper Yeat was born Noah Olivier Smith on February 26, 2000, to his parents, Joshua and Laura Smith.

He was born in Irvine, California, and grew up in Fullerton till his early teens, but he moved to Portland, Oregon, with his family.

Besides the hip-hop rapper, Smith’s parents have two other sons, Yeat being the eldest.

In an interview, Yeat revealed that he comes from a musical family. His father, Joshua, was a rock musician and used to perform as a band member.

Yeat recalls having instruments like guitars and pianos lying around the house while growing up. However, the rapper says his father did not teach him to play those instruments.

why does yeat mom look asian? i thought she was romanian
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However, Yeat credits his father with inspiring his ability to create unique words. He mentions that his father, Joshua, would create his own words when the rapper was young.

Meanwhile, when asked about his early music influences, he said his mother always listened to rapper T-Pain, eventually making Yeat gravitate to him.

Besides that, the American rapper also got the facts straight about his ethnicity. He explained that his father is of British and Mexican descent, while his mother is Romanian.

So, given Yeat’s family’s musical interests, they might be proud of their son’s musical achievements. However, many parents might beg to differ, given the lifestyle of the Hip-Hop artist Yeat.

Apart from that, not much is available about Yeat’s parents and family.

Additional Information

  • Yeat became famous with his debut album, Up 2 Me, in 2021, which went viral on many platforms for his aggressive and synth-based sound.
  • Although there are no exact figures, rapper Yeat is estimated to have a net worth of around $5 million.
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