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Is the St.Pete shooting that led to the detainment of rapper Rod Wave related to religion? Details Here!

Chartbuster rapper Rod Wave and 4 affiliates were arrested following the Easter gang-related shooting!

In the first week of April 2024, American rapper Rod Wave found himself in custody for a weapon charge after the shooting occurred on easter day in Pinellas County, St. Pete.

As stated by the St. Petersburg Police Department, they arrested the rap singer Wave, doubting whether he had any involvement in a St. Pete gang-related shooting.

On April 4, 2024, the Twitter page RapHouse TV shared the shooting video and tweeted, “Video of Easter sh00ting involving Florida Artist Rod Wave after his recent Arrest of Him & His Affiliates, 4 people Were injured as reported 😳.”

The news spread like wildfire in the media, as many seem to have stumbled over religion, considering it as the cause behind the St. Pete shooting, which led Rod Wave behind bars.

Key Takeaways

  • Recently, the American rapper and songwriter Rod Wave was arrested on weapon charges.
  • St. Pete Police officials arrested Rod Wave after they discovered the ties between the suspects of the shooting and Rod.
  • He was recently released, stating that charges were ‘determined not to be accurate.’

Listen to Rod Wave’s song here:

The Easter shooting that caused Rod Wave’s arrest isn’t proven to be due to religious factors

On Easter day on Sunday, the shooting occurred outside the sports Bar and Lounge in the south of Pinellas County, St. Pete. In the incident, four people got shot, but luckily, their injuries were non-life-threatening.

However, police arrested three men for their involvement in the shooting. During investigations, officials discovered that the suspect in the shooting has ties to the billboard chart topper singer Rod Wave.

They said, “Investigators identified two homes connected to the suspects in the shooting, one in St. Pete and another in Manatee County. Both homes were rented by Wave or one of his businesses.”

But, later, the St. Pete police department released the Great Gatsby singer from the bar, stating, “He was arrested on a charge that was later determined not to be accurate, so he was released. This investigation is still open and ongoing, and we are still looking to arrest more people, and additional charges could be forthcoming.”

Though Rod Wave is no longer inside the prison, the shooting incident that drew him under the law intrigued his well-wishers, leading them to see whatever happened through the lens of religion, but it’s not true.

As reported by ABC Action News, the shooting occurred after the group of men had a random verbal argument over something undisclosed. Well, we believe that it may not be religion.


What is Rod Wave’s biggest hit?

Rod Wave’s biggest hit includes his single entitled Tombstone, Richer, and The Greatest.

Did Rod Wave have a baby?

Yes, Rod Wave is the father of twin daughters.

When did Rod Wave rise to fame?

Rod Wave rose to fame after he released his single Heart on Ice in 2019.

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