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‘Lisabely Lugo is not my wife,’ DJ Adoni after ending 9 year relationship!

Despite numerous claims from various sources, DJ Adoni denies any nuptial claims with Lisabely Lugo!

DJ Adoni clarified that Lisabely Lugo is not his wife, even though they had been together for almost a decade.

Further, as DJ Adoni and his long-term girlfriend Lisabely Lugo, a formidable entrepreneur and licensed esthetician, share a five-year-old son, many people believed they were husband and wife.

However, despite all the rumors and people’s assumptions, DJ Adoni, whose real name is Julio Adoni Gross, clarified that he has never been married.

Premio Lo Nuestro award-winning DJ and Lisa Cosmetics founder started dating back in 2014.

Similarly, the couple had lived together for almost a decade and seemed happy. They often attended public events together and shared each other’s pictures on social media sites.

After four years of relationship, they welcomed their son on December 7, 2018. DJ Adoni and Lugo were quite happy about becoming parents for the first time as they shared, “Becoming parents to this beautiful baby has been the greatest gift in our lives from God😩❤️👶🏻”

Similarly, on December 7, 2022, Lugo shared a photo of her son on Instagram on his birthday. In the post, she writes, “Happy birthday, my son, I thank God for having you in my life and for being such a kind, kind, loving, happy, and intelligent child🥰 May the Lord never leave you and always take you on the right path, mommy loves you♥️ ♥️♥️ my yuyitoooo👩‍👦”

After the birth of their son, their relationship was going quite well. However, in early 2024, they completely stopped sharing each other’s photos on social media sites.

Later, in April 2024, Adoni made an announcement during his Instagram Live, confirming, “Yes, as a couple, we are separated, but as parents, we will always be there for our beloved son.”

Key Takeaways

  • DJ Adoni ends 9 years of relationship with his girlfriend, Lisabely Lugo.
  • Even after thier separation DJ and Lugo confirmed parenting their five-year-old son together.
  • A few weeks after their separation, DJ Adoni appeared to be having an affair with another girl.

Listen to DJ Adoni’s songs here:

Did DJ Adoni leave Lisabely Lugo for Caroline Aquino? Rumor after viral yacht video!

A few weeks after his separation from Lisabely Lugo, DJ Adoni’s video of making out with Caroline Aquino went viral.

In the video clip, which leaked a few hours after his break-up announcements, DJ Adoni and Caroline Aquino, a famous TV presenter, appeared all touchy, hugging, kissing, holding hands, and smiling, making fans suspicious about his separation from his former girlfriend, Lisabely Lugo.

Further, there have been whispers and rumors from his fans suggesting Adoni broke up with Lugo for the TV presenter. However, despite their video leak, Adoni and Aquino consistently deny having any romantic relationship.

DJ Adoni may be trying to avoid getting into controversies due to his new affair, as he just broke up with his long-term girlfriend, Lisabely Lugo, whom many believe was his wife.

However, as per their statement, they will not let their separation affect their son’s life, as they claimed they would be friends and co-parent their children together.


Why is DJ Adoni famous?

DJ Adoni became famous for creating unique DJ beats that many people find impressive. He gained notoriety after uploading videos of those DJ beats on various social media sites, including YouTube, where he has 1.79 million subscribers.

Does DJ Adoni live in Lawrence, MA?

Yes, DJ Adoni lives in Lawrence, Massachusetts, with his son.

Who is the wife of DJ Adoni?

DJ Adoni does not have a wife, as he has never been married.

How old is DJ Adoni?

As per his birthdate on November 17, 1994, DJ Adoni is 29 years old in 2024.

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