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Jason Isbell says his tour manager, Emily Dingus, “Makes the trains run on time”

Jason Isbell receives controversies after uploading a video where he appreciates his tour manager Emily Dingus.

The six-time Grammy-winning singer Jason Isbell claimed that he loves working with his tour manager Emily Dingus, who is like a family to him.

Live Nation Women, which serves as an engine to power progress for women, uploaded an Instagram post on 18 May 2023, where Jason Isbell appeared appreciating his tour manager, Emily Dingus.

In the video, whose main theme is, “I would like to share this spotlight with,” many other artists also appeared repeating the same phares; however, only Jason Isbell completes the speech by saying, “I am Jason Isbell, and I would like to share this spotlight with my tour manager Emily Dingus.”

He continues while describing her personality, “Emily is firm but fair. Emily makes the trains run on time. Gets me where I need to go. And if I do something stupid, she will look at me in a way that lets me know I am being an idiot, and she works really hard for us. And we love traveling with her, and we love having her in rock and roll family.”

Key Takeaways

  • Jason Isbell uploads a video appreciating his tour manager Emily Dingus who is like a family to him.
  • Many people start criticizing their relationships and make negative comments on their personal life.
  • Singer Isbell shares a post requesting people not to spread false rumors while denying all the allegations.
  • Emily Dingus has been involved in the touring business for a long time, as she is fond of nature and traveling.

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The video of Jason Isbell appreciating his tour manager brings illicit relationship controversies

After the video of Jason Isbell appreciating his Tour Manager went public, many people started criticizing his character, and some even accused him of having a relationship with them, which he completely denies.

When the accusation and controversy went out of hand as it started covering all the social media sites, including Twitter and Reddit, Jason Isbell was obliged to take action.

On 4 April 2024, the If We Were Vampires singer Jason Isbell shared an Instagram post with the caption “Stop It.”.

Jason Isbell wrote a long post saying, “I can’t believe I need to say this, but my manager, business manager, tour manager, tour assistant and both publicists are all women. I’m very grateful for each of them. None of us has ever had any kind of romantic relationship in any way. please don’t make up, misogynistic nonsense stories and post them online. It’s hard enough already for anybody who isn’t a straight white man in our business, and now there are folks contacting them and accusing them of “breaking up a family.” Stop it.”

Jason Isbell is the person who supports women and believes in their powers. Further, he often uploads posts about his team members on social media sites, which some find sweet, while others take it negatively.

Similalry, Jason Isbell also uploaded an Instagram post on 2 February saying, “The greatest manager of all time,” amid the ongoing controversies about his tour manager video, fueling petrol to the fire.

Emily Dingus inspires people to enjoy the present as she travels and explores the world as a tour manager

Emily Dingus, who was born and raised in a small town in Brooklyn, is fond of traveling, and that encouraged her to choose a profession in a similar field, which led to her becoming a tour manager of singer Jason Isbell.

A girl who cares about nothing but living in the present and exploring the world while visiting different places is all Jason Isbell needs to get away from the material world and find some peace.

Despite traveling, Emily Dingus has a passion for music and often appears visiting various clubs and listing to country music.

After completing her graduation in 2015, Emily Dingus went on to find the purpose of her life.

Further talking about her interests, she is also fond of pets and has a cat named Halbert Ashby Dingus and a dog named Scout.

She also loves tattoos. Her one hand is covered with beautiful flowers, while the other has a human picture-shaped jacket that may be blowing due to rain or wind.

Emily Dingus is the only daughter of her parents and has an older brother who is like a best friend to her. She often uploads pictures of her brother, father, and mother on her social media sites.

On 30 July 2013, she shared a picture of her parent’s wedding while wishing them their 25 anniversary. In the caption, she wrote, “Happy 25th anniversary to the kewlest parents I know.”


What is Emily Dingus’s Age?

Emily Dingus is in her mid-30s, as per her Instagram post, and she celebrates her birthdate every 25 March.

Where does Emily Dingus live?

As a tour manager Emily Dingus constantly changes her living places, so there are no details about her current residency. However, in an Instagram post, she wrote, “Home sweet Brooklyn,” so she might live there.

Does Emily Dingus have a husband?

Emily Dingus’s marital status remains a mystery as she has not shared any posts about her love life on social media sites.

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