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Singer Jelly Roll isn’t related to Jessie Murph by blood, but he said, ‘She’s like my little sister’

American Singer Jelly Roll considers his co-artist Jessie Murph his little sister as their bond flourish through music.

In January 2024, during his appearance on the Shots podcast Network, the American country singer Jelly Roll expressed his admiration for the rising 19-year-old singer Jessie Murph.

The two collaborated on the single Wild Ones, released on October 6, 2023. Linking with this fact, when the podcaster questioned Jelly about Jessie, asking, “Do you have a girl opening for you right now Jessie or am I wrong is Jessie Murph?”

Jelly answered, “We did a song together she didn’t open for me.”

He also praised Jessie, saying, “You heard that record the Wild. Once she’s all over my TikTok, yeah, she’s huge, man y’all check it out.”

Jelly Roll also called Jessie Murph his little sister, though they are not blood-related. “She’s really a special man. She’s like my little sister. Yeah, she just did the jingle balls with me, and she did New Year’s Eve. She did D Clark.”

While promoting their collaborative single Wild Ones on his Facebook page on October 31, 2023, he wrote, “Y’all tune into Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight to see me and my little sister Jessie Murph do our thang!” That’s possibly why people repeatedly questioned, ‘Is Jessie Murph and Jelly Roll related?’ well, ‘no’ is the answer; besides that, both hail from Tennessee.

Key Takeaways

  • Singers Jessie Murph and Jelly Roll have no family ties; however, they share a close relationship.
  • Jelly Roll considers Jessie his little sister. The two established their relationship through music.
  • Jelly and Jessie worked together on a single, Wild Ones, which was supposed to be Jessie’s solo track. But Jelly later joined, and the song earned a huge success, peaking at no.35 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Listen to Jelly Roll and Jessie Murph’s song here:

Jessie Murph and Jelly Roll’s collaborative song ‘Wild Ones’ reached number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100

In October 2023, Jessie and Jelly came up with the song Wild Ones, which charted at no. 35 on Billboard Hot 100. The single became Jessie’s first-ever high-charting project, also thanks to Jelly Roll.

As per Jessie, Jelly played an essential part in creating the song. She said she planned to record Wild Ones solo, but out of nowhere, Jelly ended up working on the song, giving it his verse.

“In the last 30 minutes, I remember [co-writer/producer Jeff Gitelman] played this guitar lick, and we ended up writing it super fast. I feel like I made it months before it came out; then, at the last minute, Jelly Roll heard it and immediately said, “I have a verse for this.”

Since the country singer Jessie has always been impressed by Jelly’s work, she soon accepted his proposal, and the two worked together. Now, the song has turned out to be a career breakthrough for Jessie; she must be grateful to Jelly.

Jessie never gets tired of praising Jelly; his work ethic and attitude influence her. She once said, “I think something that’s so special about him is he’s always just so grateful. You can tell he’s such a gratitude-based person, and it’s beautiful. Every time I’m around him, I leave feeling so happy.”


Are Jessie Murph and Jelly Roll related?

No, Jessie Murph and Jelly Roll are not related. But Jelly considers Jessie his little sister.

How did Jessie Murph get famous?

Jessie became famous for uploading cover songs to social media handles, especially TikTok.

Was Jelly Roll on American Idol?

Well, as per our information, Jelly Roll was never on American Idol.

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