Kind of Girl

Kind of Girl

Indie / Pop / Rock

Copenhagen, Denmark

Official website

Some of the comments that follow the band around are ‘refreshing’ and ‘inspirering’… Complements the band takes pride in.

Once bebop guitar playing, now true-to-the-heart-pop-devoted Sissel Olander makes her lyric and tunes out of the twisted life that comes out of the soul’s desire of love.

The odd band spanning more than 25 years in age difference finds great power of creativity in the difference of personalities, and delivers a tight gig with quite a touch of ‘musicians in space banging the guitar and twisting the Lesley for new sounds’ and a fragile vocal of Scandinavian dreams of ice castles.

Ripping off and claiming family relationship with great artists as Cardigans – Fiona Apple – Tori Amos – Aimee Mann, it should be a pleasant and all most well known walk down the road together with Kind of girl – and yet refreshing.. and yes – inspirering!

Walk with them!

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Ruhi Tiwari
Ruhi Tiwari
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