Teri Teston

Teri Teston

Country/ Pop



The journey for Teri began when she started singing in her church at the age of twelve.

She began taking piano lessons at the age of 6 and continued for ten years learnig the skill and making music that is pleasant to the ears. At the age of 22 she began taking voice lessons which spurned her journey in getting her voice heard. In 1997, she began writing her own gospel songs, which led to an opportunity to have two of her songs put on a compilation CD with David Frizzel, the brother of well known Country Artist ‘Lefty Frizzel’.

By 1998, Teri found her way into an aquantaince with Bob Jenkins. After learning of Bob’s track record, which included writing and helping produce songs for such artists such as Christy Lane and Lynn Anderson, Teri decided to take a chance and work with Bob to make her own Cd. With Bob’s help, Teri picked out songs that she felt would fit her style and her voice. Interestingly enough, Teri picked ten songs to go onto her album and went back to her motel room where she learned the first 5 songs recorded in one day and the second set was learned and recorded the seond day. With songs complete and ready to go, Teri found herself fighting for her chance to have some harmonies added in.

After much convincing, Mr. Jenkins was agreeable to let her prove her abilities to him. If she could do the harmonies for one song, he had to let her add harmonies to some of the others. After proving what she could do, she and Mr. Jenkins added harmonies to eight of the ten songs on her album.

Teri’s influences in her life played a big part of her love of music. Her father and brother were the first to help her find a love for Bluegrass and Country. With an influence from artists’ such as Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt’s along with Neil Diamond and John Denver in her younger years, it’s no wonder that her interests started to lean toward a country feel.

After a long pause in her ambitions with her album, Teri has once again renewed her journey toward getting her album in the hands of people who love music.

The earliest artists that she can remember having an influence Neil Diamond and John Denver along with

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