Laura Jansen

Laura Jansen

Alternative / Indie

Los Angeles, California

Official website


‘My song was long forgotten/my heart moved without a beat’ (Soljah by Laura Jansen)

Laura Jansen was so close to giving it up before she even began. But a year after deciding to give music a try she is making waves with advance copies of her new EP Trauma ( scheduled for release summer 2006).

She has found her audience on Myspace and she continues to garner rave reviews and a legion of loyal fans. This Dutch expatriate made the move out to sunny Los Angeles in 2005 and hasn’t looked back.

Her shows in Hollywood are drawing bigger and bigger crowds and the response is postively overwhelming.

Laura is already being compared to the Tori/Fiona/Regina school, but a dash of raggae and a touch of gospel set her apart from the rest. It doesn’t hurt that her lyrics are nothing short of inspired and reflect the place she is now in….hurled along by life, sometimes painfully, but always grounded in hope.

Laura will be playing all over the States this year and is scheduled to tour Europe in the fall.
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Reesav Niraula
Reesav Niraula
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