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Malice In Wonderland

Malice In Wonderland

Metal / Gothic / Glam

Bergen, Europe Norway

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Norway’s most decadent band, Malice In Wonderland, is ready with their debut album. Formed in 1997, the five-piece – spun around the charismatic vocalist/songwriter Chri$ Wicked – face the future with a lot of excitement, ready to finally take their music out to the masses!
Malice in Wonderland offers a blend of attitude and heavy guitars combined with melody, feelings and catchy tunes. This combined with a strong visual image, Malice In Wonderland intend to take every aspects of glamour back into rock n’ roll.

Being way over-the-top and having an outrageous passion for glitter, glamour and decadence one might wonder: Just how serious can this be? ‘Despite what many people like to think, we don’t take ourselves that seriously,’ Chri$ Wicked says ‘however, we do take our music very seriously and that’s how it’s supposed to be!’

With their upcoming debut album they’ve done it all Malice In Wonderland style and made one hell of a bombastic masterpiece. Rather than sticking to today’s trends, the band gets most of their inspiration from the 80s and they certainly aren’t afraid of using a clishé for what it’s worth. The album’s 10 songs show every side of the band, from classic hard rock to more experimental pieces.

The band has already made a name for themselves in goth, glam and rock circles around the world, and has a big fan-base waiting for this album. This band has it all!

Reesav Niraula
Reesav Niraula
Reesav is a entertainment freak who enjoys spending his time immersed in the arts and entertainment world. In his free time, he is delved into entertainment as well, i.e. playing his guitar and singing songs.


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