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Odell Bunton Jr. parents, Donna and Odell Bunton Sr knew he had the special gift from an early age

Born to parents Odell Bunton Sr. and Donna Lynn Bunton, Odell Bunton Jr. is among the first contestants to win the American Idol season 22 platinum ticket.

In the introduction video, the soulful singer recalls knowing he wanted to be a singer at six. Odell’s parents knew he had a special gift for music from an early age.

Odell even gave a shout-out to his mother, Donna, for teaching him and his siblings how to sing. He said, “Shout out to my mom, she sat us down and taught us how to sing at the same time.”

Key Takeaways

  • Odell Bunton parents, Donna Lynn Bunton and Odell Bunton Sr., are the pastors at The International Purpose And Destiny Center.
  • Besides Odell Jr, the Bunton couple welcomed Zaquisha, Mathew, Oddessty, and Johnathan.
  • Donna Lynn, the mother of Odell, helped him shape and mold his voice at a young age.

‘My FOUNDATION, my ROCK. My Parents!’ Odell Bunton Jr, in his Facebook post

Odell Bunton Sr. and Donna Lynn Bunton are the proud parents of the singer Odell Bunton Jr.

The Bunton couple founded The International Purpose And Destiny Center, a Nondenominational Church in Texas.

As per the church’s Facebook page, Odell Bunton Jr.’s father was born on February 3, 1967, to parents Deshay and Ruthie Bunton Sr. He is a Texas native and the youngest of eight children.

Donna Lynn Green was born on August 7, 1971, and married Odell Bunton Sr. in 1993.

The Bunton couple welcomed children: Zaquisha, Mathew, Odell Jr. Oddessty, and Johnathan. However, the couple lost their fourth child, Oddessty Brown, on August 31, 2021.

Odell Bunton Jr.’s mother, Donna, is also a pastor at the church alongside her husband. Moreover, she is the one who encouraged and taught Odell Bunton Jr to sing.

As the singer said, he used to sing with his mother at the age of 7. His mother, Donna, shaped and molded his soulful voice, which everyone seemed to admire and love after watching his audition for American Idol, where he sang Sam Cooke’s Bring It On Home To Me.

On his official website, Odell Bunton Jr. mentions that his parents knew about his vocal abilities and considered them a special gift from the god of singing.

Besides that, Odell Bunton Jr. recently took to Facebook and wrote, “My FOUNDATION my ROCK. My Parents! Couldn’t ask for better ones! #THEStandard Odell Bunton I am who I am because of you I LOVE YOU❤️”

With the unwavering support from his parents and family, Odell Bunton Jr. made it to American Idol. Besides his performance, a story about his family living in a hotel with five kids and taking a break from singing to provide for his kids is swaying the hearts of many.

After getting the platinum ticket, the singer wrote, “I’m bringing home THE Platinum Ticket! 💎 #IDOL” So, it is no wonder he was brought up by two great parents who taught him the value of family.


Does Odell Bunton Jr. have a brother?

Yes, Odell Bunton Jr. has two brothers, Mathew and Johnathan, and a sister, Zaquisha.

Who is Odell Bunton Jr.’s wife?

Shantiqua is Odell Bunton Jr.’s wife. She accompanied the singer to his audition, where he received the golden ticket.

Who all got platinum tickets on American Idol season 22?

Odell Bunton Jr., Abi Carter, and Julia Gagnon received the platinum ticket in American Idol season 22.

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