Mitch n Amy

Mitch n Amy

Folk Rock / Pop / Ambient

SOUTHAMPTON, Pennsylvania


Mitch ‘n’ Amy are a performing/songwriting team who combined their musical efforts in 1999. Mitch has spent many hours in the recording Studio. He collaborated with the late Canadian/American songwriter Mark Child,recording on Marks Canadian album,’The Uninvited’ for ‘SRM/RCA Records.’ He also works with ‘Folk Festival/Childrens Music’ favorite Kevin Roth. He produced Kevin’s breakthrough pop album ‘New Wind’ on the legendary Folkways label,and tours with Kevin on occasion. Mitch currently plays in the Hit 60’s Hot Rod/Surf band ‘The Rip Chords’.(check out ‘The Rip Chords’ at…..and He’s featured in the Gallery of Rickenbacker players at is a featured Artist with the new Brazen Guitar Company. (

A multi instrumentalist,he plays Guitar, Drums and Bass,as well as arranging vocals, and played all of the Instruments on his two solo CD’s,’SHORELINE’ and ‘WANTED’.He is also a much sought after independent Record Producer. Mitch can be heard on a ‘Beach Boys Tribute CD’ put out by ‘Endless Summer Quarterly Magazine’,called,’One In A Million’,where he covered the Al Jardine song,’Lookin’ At Tomorrow’,available exclusivly through ‘Endless Summer Quarterly'(,as well as CD’s by The Rip Chords,Mitch’n’Amy,Kevin Roth,Don Suitor,Premise,Lindsay Rush,Siris,and his own solo CD’s.

Amy has, for the last 20 years focused on her education in the areas of piano and voice/opera. She studied both in Siena, Italy and Graz, Austria where she also performed. After returning to the U.S. she appeared with various local rock bands. She met Mitch in a Philly music store where she teaches Piano and Voice,and started collaborating with him,writing and performing at many coffee houses and book stores in the Philadelphia and Bucks County area.

Amy has performed with ‘The Philadelphia Choral Arts Society’, and recently recorded Piano for the upcoming CD by Richard Bush, former lead singer of Arista recording artists, ‘The A’s’.
Amy’s voice is a powerful blend of Classical and Pop Music textures,and she always sings from the heart,as is evident when you hear her sing. Amy is also an accomplished Flute player,and can be heard playing Flute throughout a live ‘Mitch’n’Amy’performance. When she’s not performing or recording, Amy spends her time Teaching Piano & voice,and is a much sought after music educator.

If you are a fan of haunting melodies and meaningful lyrics,then Mitch’n’Amy are for you. For Mitch’n’Amy, it’s all about the songs.


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