Desolate Ways

Desolate Ways

Gothic / Metal

Torres, RS Brazil

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Desolate Ways was formed in March of 1998 in the Torres city, south of Brazil. Elizeu Hainzenreder, a fanatic for Black Sabbath wanted to set up a band to follow the steps of your idols. With the time Rodrigo Fernandes, that assumed the bass and became then partner in the foundation of the band. To proceed they called Igo Menegaz for the drums and Max Lima for the rhythm guitars and vocal. With the entrance of Max, was formed the partnership that would determine Desolate Ways’s style. Two following years passed composing and rehearsing.

Besides the heavy metal, Elizeu wanted to add elements to differentiate Desolate Ways of what it was being done in the world scenery of the time. Fan of Gothic bands like Sisters of Mercy, Elizeu ended up finding in them, the different touch that lacked. Starting from then, the partnership formed with Max, it perfected the compositions of the band. Slow courses and dark climates, allies to the energy of the heavy metal, and lyric that treated of the sadness and difficulties of the life became definitive characteristics in the work of the band.

In December of 2000, the band release the first demo tape. The repercussion was highly positive, and the band began to represent in the principal magazines of the Brazil with great reviews. They made a lot of gigs for the south of the Brazil, being always very eulogized by fans and professionals of the scene.

In April of 2003, the band signs a contract with the Brazilian label Avernus Records. Eternal Dreams is the chosen title for the first work and it is released in August 25 of the same year. With a production of great quality and an extraordinary art-work of Anderson L.A., the band presents us ten music of an introspective metal, darkness and at the same time captivating. In June of 2004 Igo is substituted by Ricardo Giordano. With this formation the video is filmed for the song Sleep.

In March of 2005 Rodrigo Fernandes leaves the band for internal troubles. He’s substituted then, by Rafael Giordano. The band concludes the calendar of promotional gigs of the Eternal Dreams and begins the recordings of your new album.

In the beginning of 2006 the band begins the recordings of the second album, counting again on Rodrigo Fernandes as bassist, that him came back in january, substituting Rafael Giordano, that left the band due to musical differences.

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